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Bidding Support

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Supply Of Vitreous China Wash Hand Basin Whb, Pvc Flushing Cistern, Hdpe Water Tank, Looking Mirror, Oil Putty For Fixing Window Glass, Prelaminated Particle Board 19Mm Thick Both Side White Exterior Grade, Pcc Solid Block, Cement Opc 43/53 Grade, Synthetic Enamel Paint Cream Colour, Wooden Primer 1St Quality Olive Green Colour, , Painting Brush, Thinner, Acrylic Putty, Plywood, Soap Holder Cp, Ms Angle, Wooden Beading Teak Wood, Scantling Wooden Second Class, Self Taping Screw1, Ms Butt Hinges, Nut & Bolt, Wire Nails, Welding Rod Isi Marked, Steel Cutter Blade 14 Isi Marked, Key Holes, Ci Ball Valve, Gi T 2.5 Dia Isi Marked, Gi Elbow, Gi Flange, Gi Pipe 2.5 Mm Dia Medium Grade With Fixing Bracket, Gi Socket, Gi Coupling, Flexible Hose Pipe, Gi Hose Clamp, Gi Hose Clamp, Tank Nipple, Cp Bib Cock Brass, Upvc Pipe, Upvc Tank Nipple, Upvc Socket, Upvc Elbow, Upvc T, Pvc U Clip, M Seal, Upvc Union, Upvc Elbow, Upvc Socket, Upvc Reducer, Thread, Calling Bell Electronic Isi Marked, Continous Piano Hinges 20Mm Stainless Steel, Star Screw, Fan Blade, Led Bulb, Led Tube Light, Flexible Wire Twin Twisted 23/76 Of Isi Marked., Pvc Aluminium Cable Insulated,, Insulation Tape., Switch Socket Combination, Pendent Holder 5A, Ceiling Fan 1200Mm Sweep., Electronic Type Regulator, Capacitor, Bed Switch 5A, Desert Coolers With 3000 Cubic Meter Per Hour Nominal Air Delivery/Capacity, Avr, Water Seperator, Battery Lead +Ve, -Ve, Exhaust Fan, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Fan Belt, Air Cleaner, Automatic Change Over Switch Switch Gear, Fuel Tank Sensor, , Oil Filter, , Fuel Filter, Fan Belt, Air Cleaner Filter, Bath Cleaner Filter, Fuel Pipe Tank To Filter, Fuel Pipe Filter To Fip, Avr 3 Phase, Loop Wire 1.5 Sqmm, Electric Pannel Board, Over Flow Pipe, Fuel Pipe 36, Battery Sec Dry Lead Acid, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, , Air Filter, Fuel Pipe Line 1 Mtr, Fuel Pipe Line 18 Long, Fuel Pipe Return Complete, Leakap Pipe, Benjo Bolt 19Ka, Benjo Bolt Washer 19Ka, Battery Terminal +, -, Speed Control Unit, Battery Connector, Self Solonoid Square Shape, Raw Water Pump 1Hp 3 Phase, Pvc Pipe 1 Dia, Pvc Union 1 Dia, Pvc Socket 1 Dia, Pvc Fta/Mta, Jumpo Filter Case 20/4.5, Sediment Filter 20/4.5, Membrance Cleaner, Pvc T, Upvc Tubing, Socket Brass, Spare Parts,

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Central Government And Public Sector / Security Services
Barmer - Rajasthan

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