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Bidding Support

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Supply Of Icu Bed -Motorised With Mattress, Bedside Locker, Overbed Table, Iv Stand With Ss Rod And Castor Base, Foot Step-Double, Bed Side Stool, Biomedical Waste Bin, Multi Para Monitor, Icu Ventilator, Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump, Laryngoscope, Thermometer- Infrared Type, Ambu Bag Adult, Ecg Machine 12 Channel, Portable X Ray Defibrillator, Abg Machine, Electronic Weighing Scale- Adult, Patient Warming System, Electrical Suction Apparatus, Patient Stretcher , Wheel Chair - Foldable, Crash Cart, Dressing Trolley, Drug Trolley/Medicine Cart, Ecg Machine Trolley, Instrument Trolley, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Glucometer With Strips, Stethoscope, Resuscitation Couch/ Bed, Self-Inflating Bags, Mask, Oxygen Concentrators, Laryngoscope Handle And Blades, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, Ecg Machine, Radiant Warmer, Emergency Casualty Trolley, Measuring Tape, Weighing Scales Infants, Weighing Scales Children, Nibp With All Cuff Sizes, Torch 1-2, X-Ray View Box Led, Table And Chairs For Staff, Almirah, Needle Cutters, Water Cooler, Refrigerator, High Flow Nasal Cannula, Bubble Cpap, Bipap Machine, Venturi Masks, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Endotracheal Cuff Manometer, Portable Usg Machine , Adult Usg Machine Cd10 Pro Portable Color Machine Micro Convex Probe, Pediatric Usg Machine Cd10 Pro Portable Color Machine Pediatric Micro Convex Probe, Transport Ventilator, Air Mattresses, Blood Storage Cabinet, Liquid Oxygen Tank, Oxygen Manifold Supply System, Oxygen Fully Automatic Changeover Control Panel, Emergency Reserve Oxygen Manifold System, Medical Grade Copper Tube/Pipes, Medical Gas Area Line Pressure Alarm, Medical Gas Terminal Units Gas Outlet Points, Metal Body Oxygen Flow Meter With Humidifier Bottle , Medical Gas Hose, Ball Valve, Conversion Kit, Outlet Ring, Sali Ring Spannar, Adestable Patti Pana, Flow Meter With Humidifier Bottle, Oxygen Probe, Regulator For Control Pannel Dual Gauge, Copper Tail Pipe, Non Returnable Valve Nrv, Filter For Control Panel, Iox 14 Regulator, Nrv Washer Set, Outlet Washer Set

CTN :22251942
Central Government And Public Sector / Health Services And Equipments
Thane - Maharashtra

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