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Services We Offer

A glimpse of why to choose our services

  • Web Access (User Account)
  • Daily alerts on email
  • SMS alerts of tenders information
  • Indian Tender Information
  • Global Tender Information
  • Upcoming Projects Information
  • Tender Result or Tender Award
  • Sub-Contracting (Get your work done)
  • Sub-Contractors (Get Work)
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Technical support for Digital Signature Certificate
  • Online support for Digital Signature Certificate
  • Bid form collection
  • Bid form filling
  • Bid form submission
  • Attend tender opening meet
  • Business Analytics (in login panel)
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • About 15,000 to 20,000 information added daily

System Functioning

Please go through the points to understand how our services work or system functions

  • Log on to www.classictenders.com
  • Define your need. You may choose one or multiple options, like you need
    • Log on to www.classictenders.com
    • Indian tender information,
    • Global tender information
    • Upcoming project information
    • Sub-contracting information
    • Sub-contractor information
    • Tender results or tender awards information
    • Digital signature certificate
    • Online bidding support
    • Technical bidding support
    • Bid form collection support
    • Bid form filling support
    • Bid form submission support
    • Attend tender opening meet
    • Collect tender award details
    • Attend pre bid meeting
    • Liaison and coordination for tender cycle
  • Click on pay online option. Select the plan and make the payments.
  • If the plan is not listed in the pay online page, then you can call us on 9904990022
  • You can also send us the cheque or demand draft at our head quarter at Ahmedabad.
  • After receiving payment your account will be created and details (user id and pass word) will be mailed on your email id in the next 24 working hours.
  • You will be contacted over the telephone to understand the exact nature of your business so that a proper query is set to deliver the exact tender information on your email id
  • Daily emails will be sent to your email id about Classic Tenders available for your category (Automated system).
  • You can view the tender details and the available further documents on our portal in the members’ login panel.
  • For more details call us on 09904990022

List of our services and facilities offered by www.classictenders.com

Brief description of the above services and facilities.

classictenders.com Get Daily Tender Alerts on Your Email

Daily Alerts on Email

On daily basis subscribers are notified of Classic Tenders’ information available of their subscribed category on their registered email id. Information of Indian tenders, Global tenders, Upcoming projects and Tender results / Awards come under the purview of this service / facility.

Web Access

Web Access

Subscribers are given a user id and password with which they can login in the members’ area on the portal and access the information based on their subscription.

classictenders.com Download Tender Documents from Website

Download tender documents directly from website

Subscribers can download the available tender documents or notice for the particular tender, based on their subscription, directly from our website to their desktop. Click on the link “Download tender document”

classictenders.com Get Daily Tender Alerts on Your Mobile

SMS Alerts on RMN

On daily subscribers are notified about the number of tenders’ information available on their Registered Mobile Number along with a link to access the information. This will help them to plan their daily activities and the time they want to spare for tenders surfing. If subscribed members are not present in their office or are travelling or are in the field then too they can access the desired information directly on their mobile devices. (Supported only for android platform mobiles)

classictenders.com Get Daily Tender Alerts on Your Email

Per year analysis report (number of tenders published)

Planning is an important stage of any business or activity in part. To plan the future activities, one has to know the past status of tenders. This feature will help subscribers to know the number of tenders published on daily, monthly and yearly basis in the past. This information is calculated based on your subscription, territory chosen and product keywords.

classictenders.com View Global Tenders

Global Tenders

Expanding business with optimal resources is the dream of every businessman. If you are looking to go global and make an international presence, then you can start with global tenders. We track and upload information of tenders from all countries worldwide. This information is also classified into various types like Contrywise tenders, Industry wise tenders, sub –industry wise tenders and so on. Subscribers are notified about the information on daily basis on their registered email id. This information can also be accessed in the members’ area.

classictenders.com View Upcomming New Projects Information

Upcoming Projects information

To ensure that the business keeps on growing year on year, it is important to know what the upcoming projects are. If one gets the upcoming project information well in advance then he / she can plan the business activities in line and accordance with the project requirements and ensure that the business keeps pace with the upcoming market and trends. Start today to secure tomorrow.

classictenders.com Tender Results and Tender Awards

Tender results / awarded

Tender awarded or results means who has won the tender. Subscribers can access the information, like the party who has been awarded the contract, contract value, copy of PO wherever available and so on, on our website. This information helps to analyze the strength and weakness compared to competitors. If some company has won a tender, then you can compare yourself to see and identify the drawbacks or weakness in you to ensure that next time you grab the tender.

classictenders.com Tender Sub-contracting

Sub Contracting details

If someone has won a tender and is looking for experts in the same field in a particular location who can support him /her to complete the work, then this can be termed as sub-contracting. For example, a company wins a tender for road. Now to complete the road work, the company can further give this work to third party who does road work. The third party has not participated in the particular tender, but still can do the work. Here the payments are done by the main party who has won the tender to the third party. The main party and the third party ensure that the norms specified in the tender are fulfilled. Any dealings, payment releases and other things done by the tender floating party are done with the main party who has won the tender and not with the third party. Anyone can register to become a sub-contractor or to get sub-contracting details.

classictenders.com Tender Sub-contractors

Sub-Contractor details

Sub-contractors are nothing but parties who do not participate directly in tender(s) but provide help and assistance to such parties who have won tenders. For example in case of road tender, parties who do works like supplying of man power, tar, sand, water, machinery can be termed as sub-contractors. Here sub-contractors do not participate in tenders, but also do business by supporting the main party by supplying products and rendering services. This is nothing but symbiosis. Anyone can register to become a sub-contractor or to get sub-contracting details.

classictenders.com View Tender Document Online or Offline Collection

Tender Document Online or Offline collection

Why to subscribe to a tender portal for tender and allied information?
There are many reasons to subscribe to our portal. One among them is to save time, money and man power. Today’s era is very dynamic, complex and economic. If subscribers want to bid in a tender but are not able to procure the bid form due to lack of man power and or shortage of time, then subscribers can reach us / contact us and on their behalf we will collect the bid form and send it to you. They just need to give an authority letter and the requisite charges and their work is done.
We are proud to have helped thousands of parties to collect offline tender forms.

classictenders.com Tender Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration

Many departments and companies do not float tenders in newspapers and other means to avoid financial loses and otherwise. They prefer to build their own list of vendors who can do the specific work. Such people or parties are called as vendors. This involves filling in the right information and at the right time.
We are proud to have helped thousands of parties to become vendors in one or multiple organizations.

classictenders.com Class 3 Digital Signature Class 3 Digital Certificate

Provide Digital Signature Certificate

We provide Digital Signature Certificate required for e-tendering, e-auctions, e-procurements and so on. Be it class three or class two DSC. We are pioneers in assisting our customers in online bidding / auctions / tendering process / eradicating technical issues and much more.
A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is essential for companies and organizations that take part or intend to take part in e-Tendering processes / e-Auctions / Online Biddings. Those aspiring to fill online tenders like Online Government tenders, Online Private tenders, E-Bidding, Central Government / Public Sector Tenders, Co-Operative Tenders, Corporations / Associations / Others Tenders, Private Sector Tenders, State Government Tenders, Trust Tenders and so on need to have DSC.

classictenders.com Tender Email Promotions

Email Promotion

We have a database of more than 20,000 customers related to tenders and allied activities. The database is constantly increasing and if subscribers or any other party is looking to advertise their products or services and reach these valuable people, then they can send us their advertisement and it will be emaild to all the customers.

classictenders.com Tender Suppoort and Liaison

Periodic feedback

Subscribers will receive a call from our customer care department at periodic intervals to get a feedback from them. Subscribers can discuss the possible suggestions from their end to upgrade and make the services more user-friendly, quick and reliable. Subscribers can also share the possible problems faced by them in accessing our services, if any.
We are thankful to our valuable clients who have provided us their valuable suggestions and have shown trust in us. With your trust and support our journey has become more pleasant.

classictenders.com Tender Bid Form Filling

Bid Form filling

Filling Bid forms requires lot of expertise, market research and knowledge. If anyone needs help in filling the bid form, then they can approach us. We fill in the bid form, based on the information provided by the concerned party. All they need to do is to send us the form and we will fill in the details as desired in consultation with them (client) and send it back to them.

classictenders.com Tender Bid form Submission

Bid Form Submission

If anyone feels that there is scarcity of time or man power with them, then they can approach us. We will submit the Bid Form on their behalf and confirm the same to them. All they need to do is give us an authority letter and the requisite charges.

classictenders.com Assistance Tender Opening

Attend tender opening

If you are present at the time of opening the tender, then you can analyse and understand the tender process of that tender. If you are not lucky to win the tender, then you can rectify the loopholes in you and get prepared, the next time to compete with your competitors in a more sophisticated way.

classictenders.com Collect technical Details of Tender Awards

Collect technical details

Many a times to participate in certain tenders needs knowledge and happenings with the tender in the past. This involves gathering technical details from various departments and locations. You can take our help to collect the technical details of a particular tender or more.

classictenders.com Online Tender Bid Support

Assist in online bid participation

Online participating in bids, auctions and so on requires lot of expertise. We help our customers by installing the DSC, explaining the fields in the form and so on.

classictenders.com Technical Support for Digital Signature Certificate

Technical support for Digital signature certificate

While doing online bidding and other activities, problems arise due to viruses, software incompatibility, antivirus restrictions, hardware incompatibility and so on. You can call us to ensure that these problems do not arise or if arise are solved well in time and you complete your online procedure.

classictenders.com Advertise Products online

Banner Advertisements

Everyday almost 50,000 visitors visit our website from across the globe. You can publish your advertisements on our website to target and reach the huge visitor group. This portal stands as an ideal place to promote your business

classictenders.com Post/Host your Tenders as per Your Requirement

Tender Posting

If you want to be cost effective and are looking to float a tender, then you can post your tender for free on our portal.

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