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Tender for Supply, Complete Installation And Commissioning Of Devices, Equipments, Instrument, Machineries, Tools - All Geared Centre Lathe, Universal Milling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Bench Grinder, Pedestal Grinder, Planer Machine, Slotting Machine, Mig Welding Machine, Tig Welding Machine, Oxygen Cylinder, Tools Toolbox And Special Tools Bosch Full Set, Working Model Of Lubrication System, Safety Precaution Charts For Automobile Engineering Lab, Recirculating Ball And Worm & Roller Type Steering Gear Box, Mpfi Assembly, Working Model Of Air Braking System, Working Model Of Mc. Pherson Strut And Wishbone Arm Suspension System, Working Model Of Abs System, Working Model Of Telescopic Type Shock Absorber, Automobile Electrical System Layout With All Accessories And Battery, Crank Shaft And Cam Shaft Model, Traffic Signal And Symbol Charts, Cut Section Of Turbocharger, Crdi Assembly, Hydraulic Jack 1 And Steel Jack Stands 4, Nozzle Tester, Piston Ring Compressor, Coil Spring Compressor, Valve Lifter, Oil Spray Gun, Grease Gun, Automotive Electrical Panel Board, Convex Mirror: Focal Length -15Cm, Diameter-50Mm, Convex Mirror: Focal Length -10Cm, Diameter-50Mm, Concave Mirror: Focal Length -15Cm, Diameter-50Mm, Concave Mirror: Focal Length -10Cm, Diameter-50Mm, Spherometer: Single Disc 1/100Mm, Superior, Specific Gravity Bottle: 50Ml, Digital Balance: U.L-600Gm, L.C-0.01Gm, Distilled Water: Deionised Water, 500Ml, Etc. For Physics Laboratories, Automobile And Mechanical Engineering Laboratories And Workshops At Nalhati Goverment Polytechnic in Birbhum - West Bengal

Location Published on Work Value
Birbhum - West Bengal ( IN ) 13 Oct, 2021 30.00 Lacs
Ownership Submission Date EMD
State Government Of West Bengal 09 Nov, 2021 20.0 Thousand
Sector Opening Date Document Free
Education And Research Institutes 12 Nov, 2021 Refer Doc
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