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Tender for Supply Of Spares - Engine Oil Filter Element, Air Dryer Filter Element, Fuel Filter Element, Filter-Water/Fuel Separator Filter Cartridge Pre Filter, Cooling System Water Temperature Regulator, Filter Element Air Cleaner For Air Cleaner M80064, P165659, Spin-On Assy, Filter Oil, Roller Shutter Grease Barrel – 250 G, Grease Mobilux Ep2, Coolant Elc 205-6613V, Clamp Constant Torque 4.06, Brkt Eng Supt Rr Frame Flx, Pulley Alternator 97 Mm Dia W/Keyway, Tube Air Intake Aluminum 25.00 Long, Hose Neoprene 5.00 In Long, Air Cleaner Donaldson Riv, Insulator Rubber Mounting Strap, Band Muffler Mounting Eob, Brkt Muffler Mounting Eob, Support Muffler Temporary Riv, Seal Clamp Exhaust Sst 127Mm, Hose Elbow 90 Deg Silicone 2.50 Id Sr, Hose Elbow 90 Deg Silicone 2.50Id Lr, Rod Strut Fan Shroud Riv, Spacer Mounting Idler Pulley, Guard Radiator Core Riv 6X6/4X4 Wd, Cap Pressure Radiator 14 Psi, Bolt Hold Down Battery Straight .375 Dia, Block Junction Black Feed-Thru 3/8-16, Block U-Clip Frame Rail Riv, Brkt Rransmission Riv 6X6/4X4 Wd, Brkt Stand Off Riv, Roller Foot Valve Coe, Brkt Stand Off Dogleg W/Addtional Hole, Brkt Stand Off L-Brkt, Cover Floor Trim Brake Pedal, Brkt Universal 5-Hole Type L-Shape, Brkt Discharge Long Standoff L-Shape, Pedal Brake Floor Mounted, Brkt Brake Valve Riv, Brkt Discharge Line Short Riv 6X6/ 4X4 Wd, Pin Brake Pedal Flh 375, 125 Dia Hole, Plate Steering Column Reinforcement, Bushing Stabilizer Bar Riv 6X6/4X4 Wd, Kit, Indicator A/C Restriction With 1/8-, Wheel Wrench 33/ 38, Brkt Standoff Angle .531 X .281, Brkt Standoff Flat .531 X .281, Brkt Standoff Angle .656 X .281, Brkt Standoff Twist .531 X .281, Brkt Standoff Angle .531 X .281, Brkt Standoff Angle .344 X .281, Brkt Standoff Angle .433 X .281, Brkt Standoff Angle .531 X .281, Brkt Standoff Angle 2.12 X 3.92, Brkt Standoff Offset .563 X .344, Clamp Hose Sst Worm Drive 7.25/ 8.125 Dia, Mount Isolator Rubber Black .500, Nut Cap Battery Terminal Sst 3/8-16 Unc, Pin Clevis Zinc Plated Std 0.375 X 1.364, Hose Coolant System Silicone Rubber 2.50, Hose Heater Silicone Rubber 0.375, Hose Heater Silicone Rubber 0.625, Hose Heater Silicone Rubber 1.00, Block Junction Power 1-Way 3/8-16Unc Red, Cable Alt Negative 2 Ga Alt Return 12Lg”, Assy Brkt Isolator Transmission, Assy Brkt Bearing Foot Brake E6, Isolator Engine Support Front Lower, Isolator Engine Suport Rear Upper Hard, Isolator Engine Support Rear Lower, Isolator Engine Support Front Upper Firm, Plunger Brake Valve Coe, Boot Coe, Valve Dc-4 1-06Fpt 3.0, Cap Breather Level Coolant, Gasket Breather Lvl Cool, Pulley Idler Grooved W/ Bearings 73Mm, Assy Spin-On Filter Oil P165659, Head Assy Filter Transmission, Switch Pres Norm Clsd 73+/-7 Psi 2-Bld, Retainer Shock To Cantilever Stud, Retainer Shock To Cantilever Stud, Filter Air, Vent Exhaust Port 1/8Mpt Cmpst, Elbow 90 Degree, Sender Gauge Fuel Level Elec, Cable Ground Cut-Off Sw To Starter Gnd, Cable Starter Positive To Feed + Stud, Protective Cap Hex Nuts Black, Protective Cap Hex Nuts Red, Heater Oil Lube Welded 300W 220V .75Npt, Handle Wheel Wrench, Assy Isolator, Reservoir Power Steering 4Qt Syn Fltr, Harn Rcpt Eng Heater 240V 168Lg W/Therm”, Heater Block Psm 1500W/ 240V, Switch Temperature [email protected] [email protected] ½ In, Bolt Half Round Bearing Stap, Spl170 Strap Half Round Bearing, Spl250 Strap Half Round Bearing, Switch Pres Stop Light ¼ Mpt 2-6 Psi, Cable-Battery Equalizer 24V 35 Long”, Pos-2 Bat I-Conn, 3-3/8 Studs”, Neg-2 Bat I-Conn, 3-3/8 Studs”, Jumper-4 Battery, 3 Stud, Pos, Cable Pos 4/0 Battery Switch To Starter, Bracket-Battery Box-Rear, Tray-Battery Box <Rev B>, Bracket-Battery Box-Right, Assy-Battery Hold Down-4 Batteries, Steering Universal Shaft, Shaft Steering Crossover Rhd, Shaft Steering Intermediate Rhd, Compressor Refrigerant 8-Rib 24V C18, Governor Module Air Compressor Low Band, Valve Brake Sr-7 Modulating Relay, Fitting Iso Pressure Test, Valve Brake E-6 Double Seal Piston, Adapter Silencer E-6 Brake Valve, Gasket Silencer Adapter E-6 Brake Valve, Sensor-Abs 90 Degree Front, Clip-Sensor Or, Valve Brake Quick Release Qr-1 1-4 Psi, Valve Brake Relay R-14, Bracket-Air Compressor-Cat C18, Mounting Cup Coil Spring, Kit Valve Brake Relay R-14, Bolt-U 9.50 Strainght 4.875 Radius, Noise Damping, Noise Damping Adapter, Drain Valve, Bolt-U 9.50 Straight 4.875 Radius, Hand Brake Control Valve, Bracket Abs-Ece-Bendix, Temp Console For Cab Parts Mount, Assy Valve Solenoid Air/Elect 24V, Brkt-Air Cleaner-Driver, Riv Wd, Brkt-Air Cleaner-Passenger, Riv Wd, Brkt-Air Cleaner –Center, Riv Wd, Tube Cac Inlet, Tube Cac Outlet, Sensor Coolant Level 4-Pin Cat, Elbow 45Deg. 6.00 Id Short, Tube-Air Intake, Alum, 6.000Dx3””, Tube-Air Intake, Alum, 6.000Dx14””, Tube-Air Intake, Alum, 60Dx23””, Belt Ribbed, 10 Rib 2145Mm, Adapter-Exhaust Turbo 5In C18, Hose Elbow 90 Deg Sil/Kev 3 Id”, Spacer Mounting Idler Pully 1.63 Long, Spacer Mounting Idler Pulley 2.97 Long, Idler Pulley For Cat C18, Bracket- Fuel Filter C18, Brackt – Ether Start *Rev.A*, Bracket – Radiator Support – Right, Spacer Engine Mount Rear, Harness-Tde400 Mnl Ovrd Rstr Pack 24V, Screw-Cap Hex M20x1.5X40, Hose-Con Vol Uted, 6.5X4, Panel- Mounted Housing -6X6 Cat C18, Sender- Oil Pressure Manometer 0-10V, Support For Fuses W/M8 Connection, Fuse Mega 1250A-6X6 Cat C18, Fuse Box 3 Poles-6X6 Cat C18, Relay 24V 120A S-6X6 Cat C18, Bracket-Fuse Mounting –Starter Relay, Cable-Pos-2/0 250A Fuse To Cab 30’6In, Cable-Neg-2.0 250A Fuse To Cab 32’4 In, Cable-6Ga Strtr Rly To Strtr Solnd 48 In, Cable-6Ga 100A Fuse To Starter Relay 14I, Cable-2/0 Disconnect Sw To 250A Fuse 36I, Cable-2Ga Strtr Pos To Alt Pos 10Ft, Cable-2Ga Strtr Neg To Alt 10Ft, Elbow-45 Deg O-Ring 08-10 Jic, Wheels Steering Basic Black 450Mm, Assy Horn Button Electric Black, Bracket- Battery Shut-Off Switch, Bracket- Idler Pully Mount C189, Bracket- Support Radiator Protection, Ether Start-Valve-24V-For Cat, Ether Start-Clamp For Cat, Ether Start-Atomizer For Cat, Ether Start-Fitting Cont.For Cat, Mount-Lines-Power Steering-Zf1, Brkt Stabilizer Bar Bushing Lower, Bracket-4 Way Protection Valve, Cable-3/0 Starter Nagative To Frame 26In, Pulley Assy Iddler 8-Rib Poly-Vee C18, Bracket- Cooling Loop-Power Steering, Triangle Mounting Plate –Idler Pulley, Harness Abs Rear Axle Bendex 6S/6M, Anchor Shackles #3663T46, Spacer-Bracket-Fan Clutch –C18, Mounting Brkt Steering Reservoir, Link Stabilizer Bar Front Lh Riv 6X6/4X4w, Link Stabilizer Bar Front Rh Riv 6X6/4X4w, Shock Absorber Front Axle 13Mt, Shock Absorber Rear Axle 13Mt, Brkt Alternator Support C18 Rev A, Base Brkt A/C Compressor C18 Rev B, Support Brkt A/C Compressor C18 *Rev A*, Belt– Riibed 8 Rib 104 2642Mm Green S, Fuel Water Separator W/10 Micron Filter, Ac Hose/Cat, Assy – Brkt – Support – Radiator – Cat, Pipe, Muffler For Cat, Pipe, Turbo Cat, Brkt For Air Tank-Between Rail, Brkt For Air Tank-Below Rail, Brkt For Air Tank –Acc Tank, Plate Mounting Generator- Rbi’S Cat, Hose Assem – Ac – No 12 – Al Tube To, Spacer – Fan Clutch For C18-30Mm, A/C/Hose, Cat, Bracket – Mounting –Shock, Brkt – Steering – Zf1, Bolt-U 10.5 Str 4.875 R, 240V Y Cord With Thermostat Control, Pan Floor Center – Cat, Clamp – Charge Air Cooler – Cat, Hose Hump, Bolt For Cat Ata Support Tube Hilti, Bolt- Vibration Dampner – Cat, Bracket, Surge Tank Mounting Cat, Bracket, Surge Tank Mounting Cat, Pedal – Throttle – Cat, Harness – Dryer – Twin Cartridge –Wabco, Brkt – Mounting – Cooling – Loop, Loop – Cooling – Dryer – Air, Male Connector 41-Pin W/Gasket, Mount Block- Cooling Loop, Backing Plate, Mounting Brkt, Zf, C18, Mounting Brkt, Straight, Zf, C18, Mounting Brkt, 90 Degree Zf, C18, Ac Filter, Relay Valve, Beacon Light Cover Lh, Seat Adjusting Knob, Choke Box Hinge, Lhs Positioning Light, Gas Strops For Door, Obstruction Light White, Air Dryer, Air Release, Battery Charger, Belt, Blind Cover, Blind Cover, Blinker, Brake Light, Brake Light, Bulb, Bulb, Bulb 24V/21W, Butterfly Valve, Butterfly Valve, Button, Can Bus Module, Can Wiring Harness, Can Wiring Harness, Can Wiring Harness, Can Wiring Harness, Can-Resistor, Can Resistor, Control Handle, Control Lever, Control Pane, Control Panel, Control Panel, Control Panel, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cord, Cover Rotating Beacon, Cover Rotating Beacon, Cover Strip, Cover Strip, Coversheet, Diffuser, Diode, Diode, Diode, Diode, Direction Indicator, Elbow 900, Elbow 900, Elbow 900, Elbow 900, Elbow 900, Elbow 900, Elbow 900, Electronic Siren Pa 300, Ground Sweep Nozzle, Illuminating Diode, Impeller, Light, Lights, Limit Switch, Limit Switch, Limit Switch, Line, Lining, Lining, Lining, Lining, Link, Lock, Lock, Look Ring, Low Beam Head Light, Magnet, Male Connector, Manifold, Manometer, Manometer 0-25 Bar, Manometer 0-25 Bar, Mano- Vacuummeter, Mirror Cover, Oil Level Indicator, Oil Level Indicator, Oiler For Compressor, Oiler For Compressor, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, O-Ring, Piston Head, Piston Pump Casing, Piston Ring, Plastic Box, Plastic Strip, Rear Camera, Rear Flash Lamp, Rear Lights, Roller Shutter, Roller Shutter End Profile, Roller Shutter End Profile, Roller Shutter Fins, Roller Shutter Profile, Roof Hatch, Roof Rear Comportment, Roof Rear Compartment, Roof Rear Compartment, Roof Rear Compartment, Roof Rear Compartment, Roof-Plate, Seal Plate, Seal Ring, Seal Ring, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Sealing, Search Light, Search Light, Search Light, Sun Blind, Sun Screen, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Tank Gauge, Tank Gauge, Tank Suction Line, Under Truck Nozzle, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Valve, Wiper Blade 800Mm, Wiper System Set, Pressure Regulator Nitrogen, Potentiometer, Potentiometer Joystick, Tube Aska Light, Pressure Controller, Of Rosenbauer Acft Qty-24 On Ote Basis Single Bid System in New Delhi - Delhi

Location Published on Work Value
New Delhi - Delhi ( IN ) 14 Oct, 2021 Refer Doc
Ownership Submission Date EMD
Central Government And Public Sector Of India 10 Nov, 2021 Refer Doc
Sector Opening Date Document Free
Security Services 11 Nov, 2021 Refer Doc
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