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Abdominal Swabs Tenders

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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22239519 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconSrinagar - Jammu And Kashmir Tender For supply of stationary items : paper office a-4 75gsm pen permanent marker pen ball superior quality pen white board marker whitener pen white board duster punching machine double punch machine single punch pin stapler pin stapler paper pin drawing pin for notice board tape brown 2” 45m tape transparent 1 45m tape transparent 2 45m eraserrubber pencil sharpener pencil hb stapler n-10 small stapler 24x6 big scissor small scissor medium scissor big sticky flag small 3”x1” sticky flag big 3”x3” cutter paper medium table duster/duster cloth paper weight table top small plastic paper tray single plastic paper try double wps-340 plastic paper try three shelves wps-339 scale steel 12” scale steel 24” writing pad medium 33 no. writing pad small glue stick 9 grams gum stick 15 grams stamp pad big stamp pad medium tags superior 3 record lace green superior dak pad pilot pen superior v5, v7 metal clip pilot pen superior v10 pen drive, 16gb, 32gb & 64gb pin cushion awl full steel heavy duty drawing sheets22”x18” carbon sheets damper pen stand wps-346 tape dispenser wps-061 gum bottle 300ml ring binderrb-400 box file la-422f box file la-418f uniball-i pen micro hp cartridge 12a hp cartridge 88a sign pens parker pen plastic folders/ bags dc-255 knife folders qw-324a plastic folders l-shape gel pens double sided tape paper tissues a-3 paper ream label sheets a4 self stick label sheets 210mmx297mm staple pin remover sr-300 photo glossy paper 130 gsm rubber bands250 gm scotch tape transparent tape 2, 100m cube pads wpe-1217 xerox b215 toner cartridge binder clips 15mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 41, mm and 51 mm


CTN :22229348 c-icon27 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconMalegaon - Maharashtra Tender For providing medicine, equipment, liquid chemical - injections, anti d 300, artesunate 60 mg, adrenalin, a.d.s., amickacin 500, amoxy .clav.1.2, ampilicine 500 mg, a.r.v., a.s.v.s., atropine sulphate, b complex, betnesol, benzathiline penicilline, bupivacaine, carboprost tromet, calcium gloconate, chiorpheniramine maleat, cefoperazone+salbactam 1.5, cefotaxime 1 gm, ceftriaxone 1 gm, dicyclomine, diclofenace, diclofenace, diazepam, dexamethazon, frusemide, getamycine, heparin 25000 iu, heamocoagulas, hydrocort, insuline human actrapid, ketamine, lignocain 2%, lmw 0.4, lmw 0.6, lignocain hydro. & dext., m.v.i., magnesium sulphate, methyl prednisolon 500 mg, methargine, meropenum 1gm, mephentin, midzolam, metochlopromide, ondensetran, oxytocin, pantapazole 40, pentozocine, phenargen, ppaperacilline tazo. 4.50 gm, promethazine, rantidine, remidisvir 100 mg, tramadol, tranexamic acid, theophyline, soda bi carbonate, succinyl choline chloride, t.t.d, thiopenton, iron soucrose, vitamin k, capsules, ampicilline 250, ampicilline 500, amoxycillin 250, amoxycilline 500, doxycilline 100, tetracycline 250, multivitamin, carbonyl iron with folic acid, tablets, aspirin 300 mg, amoxy.clave.228.5, amoxy.clave.625, antacid, azythromycine 500, b complex, c.p.m.4 mg, chloroquine, cipro 250, calcium with vit d3, dicylomine 10 mg, diclofenac 50 mg, diclo + para, domparidon 10 mg, isoxsuprine 200, erythromycin 250 mg, favipiravir 200 mg, furazolidone 100 mg, folic acid, ferrous sulphate 200 mg, ferrous sulphate 100 mg, ferrous sulphate 40 mg, flucanazole 150 mg, hydrazine hydrochloride 10 mg, hyoscine butyl bromide 10 mg, ibu.+para ped., iron with folic acid, ibprofetn 400 mg, lactic bacillus, methargine, metronidazole 200 mg, metochlopromide, mebendazole 100 mg, norfloxacine400, prochlorperazin 5 mg, paracitamol 500 mg, paracitamol 125kid, pantaprazole 40, salbutamol 4 mg, t.m.p.sulpa s.s., tmp sulpha pead., tranexamic acid 250 mg, vit.c. 500 mg, zinc sulphate 20 mg, i.v. fluids, d-5%, d-25%, d.n.s., ciproflox, hemaccile, levoflox, metronidazole, n.s., ns, r.l., syrup, albendazole, ampicilline, amoxycilline, azythromycine, calcium vit. d3, cefpodoxime, cetrizine, cough syrup, cough syrup, furazolidone 100 mg, f.s.drop, iron with folic acid, ibuprofen paracitamol, levocetrizine+montelukast, multivitamin, multivitamine drop, metronidazole, ofloxacin + metro, ondencetran, paracitamole, para+cpm, tmp sulpha., zinc, application, abb gel, antiseptic solution, benzyl benzoate solution, clotrimazole veginal pessary, cotrimaxazole+clindamycine veginal pessary, cefgaurd soln., doppler/ecg jelly, ecg paper roll, hydrogen peroxide, formalin, getamycine eye/ear drops, povidon ointment, povidon solution, protien powder, o.r.s. powder, meidcated spirit, nitrofurazone ointment, sanitaizer, soframycine cream, ciproflox + dexa eye/ear drop, lidocain 2% jelly, lab materials, beaker plastic, centrifuge machine 8 tube, cell counter, edta solution, distil water, grouping sera a.b.d., gulcometer, glucometer strips, glass slide, hcl 0.1 n, hbsag kit, hb pipette, hiv kit, h.b. square tube, h.b.meter, i.g.g.i.g.m.kit, lancet, malaria stain, multistick, malaria kit, microscope binocular, micropipette 1 ml, micro tips, pregnancy strip, plastic test tube, tourniquet belt, test tube holder, test tube stand, vdrl kit, vacuum plane bulb, vacuum edta bulb, vtm kit, uristix, widal kit, instrument /devices, ambubag, autoclave drum 8”, autoclave drum 6”, baby warmer machine, bed sheet, b.p. apparatus mercury, b.p.app with stand mercury, boyels apparatus, baby kit zable, topi, plastic sheet & others, blood transfusion set, bandage cloth, cotton, catgut no 14259, cloth gaun, cord clamp, dispo needle 23/24, dispo plastic gaun, dispo syringe 2 ml, dispo syringe 5 ml, dispo syringe 10 ml, drug trolley, doppler machine, electric needle cutter, endo tracheal tube, ethilon no.1, folly’s cath., flatters tube, foetal doppler, feeding tube 8/9/10, gloves non sterile 6.5 / 7 /7.5, gloves plastic 6.5 / 7.5, gloves strile 6.5 / 7 / 7.5, hospital iron bed, hospital cotton bed with rexin cover, hole sheet, iv stand, laryngoscope, labour table gyenac, monila sheet, macintosh, nebulizer, needle cutter, n-95 mask, pulse oxymeter with monitor, ot table hydraulic, oxygen set, oxygen cylinder connector, pillow, plastic gaun, plane sheet, rolled bandage 4”, ryles tube, rubber catheter, sanitary pads 1 packet per beneficiary., saline stand, saline set, scalp set 22/23, spinal needle, sticking roll 9m x 1”, sticking roll 9m x 4”, suction machine electric, surgical blade, surgical drum big, surgical drum small, shadow less lamp, stethoscopes, stretcher, sponge, tripal layer mask, tuberculine syringe 1 ml with needle, urine bag, vein flow 20/22, vicryll 1 no2347, weight machine adult, weight machine ped, shayla lx bioplor cautrey, ot light kite 4 model, obstereric labour table telescopic, labour table light with standmobile, labour table trolly, fumigation machine, vertical double drum auroclave, trolly towel, labour trolly with bowel & accessories, foramaline chamber 23”, suction machine large, o2 concentrator, dressing trolly, digital bp apparatus, silicon suction tube, pvc suction tube, foetal doppler 28 weeks, hydolic ot table delux model, formaline tablet, plastic coated drap sheet, dead body bag, airways, electrical sterilizer small, electrical sterilizer big, double boul stand, bed side screen 3 folder, ecg machine trolly, single step stool, multiple bins trolly, crash cart, instrument cabinate, pulse oxymeter, double step stoolms frame, signal step stoolms frame, nursing staff cabinet, x-ray, x-ray film 8x10, x-ray film 10x12, x-ray film 12x15, fixer, ripleshner, devloper, lscs set, artery forceps 8”, artery forceps 6”, artery forceps curved 8”, artery forceps curved 6”, allies tissue medium forceps 6”, allies tissue forceps 8”, babcock tissue forceps 8”, b.p .handel no.4, bowel, c-shape retractor, cuscos scissor middle size, cuscos scissor large size, dissecting forceps toothed 8”, dissecting forceps plain 8”, doyen retractor 8 or 10”, episiotomy scissor 6”, finger pulse oxy.digital, finger pulse oxy electric, green armytage 8”, green artery forecep, kelies clam, kidney tray, long allies forcep, morrs retractor, mosquito artery forceps 4”, needle holder mayo 8”, needle holder 6”, needle holder “, plastic gown, plain forceps, sponge holding forceps 10”, suction tube, self retaining retractor, tooth forceps 6”, scissor 6”, scissor plane 8”, scissor curved 6” & 8”, structure cutting scissor 8”, stitch cutter, stitch stapler, towel clip cross action, tissue cutting scissor 8”, for mmc health department at hospital and dispensary

State Government

CTN :22182963 c-icon27 Oct, 2021 5.00 Lacs
l-iconNuh - Haryana Tender For purchase of stationary items all pin box/dispenser, all pin pkt, attendance register big, attendance register copy, battery cell size aa, battery cell size aaa, battery cell medium, calculator, candle big, carbon paper box, cd blank, cd cover, cd marker, chalk coloured, colour flag, dak pad, drawing pins, dustbin office, envelop size 10*4.1/2, envelop size 10*4.1/2 window, envelop size 10*4.1/2 simple, envelop size 9*4 simple, envelop yellow a4 size, envelop yellow fs size, eraser, fevi stick, file cover, file spl four flapper, flapper, gum bottle, hand duster, high lighter, ink for stamp pad, lock & keys 5 liver with 43 key, lock & keys 10 liver with 3 keys, measuring tape, micro lithium cell, paper clip pkt, paper ream legal, paper ream a4, paper weight, pen ball blue, pen ball red, pen ball black, pen buttor flow/gel green, red, blue, pen gel green point pen, pencil hb, permanent/bold marker, plain register 336 pages, plain register 384 pages, plain register 240 pages, punching machine double hole, punching machine single hole, scale iron, scale plastic, scale wooden, scissor large staionary, scissor tailor, sealing wax, sharpener, stamp pad, stapler 24×6, stapler no. 10, stapler pins no. 10, stapler pins no. 24×6, suwa lakkad, table call bell, tag small packet of 25 pcs, tag large size packet, u-pin clip, water reservoir/damper, white board duster, white board marker, white fluid, writing note pad, stock register, battery 9 volt, document binding clip, rechargeable cell with charger, cello tape white 1/2, cello tape white 2,
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