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Absolute Alcohol Tenders

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Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22173460 c-icon20 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconFirozpur - Punjab Tender For purchase of expendable medical stores - ecg electrodes disposable, foleys balloon catherer 2 way, silicon 16 g, strip indicators for sterilisation control for testing sterility of drums aet, disposable karman cannula size 10mm, bandage triangular 102x102x142cm, ryles tube size- 16, ryles tube size- 14, ryles tube size- 12, catheter mount, bougie catheter for paediatric, infusion bag, cervical collar hard medium, cervical collar hard small, cervical collar hard large, tube endo-tracheal reinforced pvc size 7.0 with cuff, tube endo-tracheal reinforced pvc size 7.5 with cuff, airway long transparent oropharyngeal set consisting of size size length 000 3.5, 00 5.0, 0 5.0 1 7.0, 2 9.0 3 10.0 4 1.0, catherer suction endobronchial with terminal transparent non toxic pvc tubing size fg 10, length 45 cm, catherer suction endobronchial with terminal transparent non toxic pvc tubing size fg 12 length 50 cm, catherer suction endobronchial with terminal transparent non toxic pvc tubing size fg 14 length 50 cm, chest drainage system size 32, chest drainage system size 28, chest drainage system size 24, chest drainage system size 20, laryngoscope adult bulb for, laryngoscope infant bulb for, laryngoscope cells for., laryngoscope cell 1.5 v dia 13 mm and length 51 mm for, foleys balloon catherer 2 way silicon 20 g, catherer foleys silicon 2 way 5 ml size 16 fg pkt of 10, foleys balloon catherer, silicon, size fr 8, comfort caps, paediatric uro bag for infant urine collection, chloroform, baby identification tag blue, baby identification tag pink, hme filter s-200, cord clamp, cannula iv with injection port and wings size 24g, dextrose 10% bott of 500ml, knife bard parker, blade size 1 fitting commercial no.10 packet of 6, knife bard parker, blade size 1 fitting commercial no. 12 packet of 6, knife bard parker, handle size 2 fitting commercial no. 4 for use with commercial blade no.20, 22, 23, adhesive plaster zinc oxide 7.5 cm x 5 mtr, adhesive plaster micro porous tape 1 inch box of 12, dressing medicated gauze paraffin, 10 cm x 10 cm, tin of 24, dressing collagen wound management, size 8 x 14, dressing collagen wound management material, 5 ml, disp sterile blades no11, sterillium hand rub bott of 500ml, 10% lignocain spray, micro tips 50-1000?l, swab stick, sugar set hi media, absolute alcohol, acetone commercial, leishman stain with buffer cytochrome, glycerine, distilled water, spirit, microscopic cover glass english glass 22 x 40 mm, microscopic cover glass english glass 22 x 50 mm, band aid pkt of 100, filter paper round size 185 mm, cal-a compactable with micro lab electrolyte analyzer, cal-b compactable with micro lab electrolyte analyzer, de proteinaizer compactable with micro lab electrolyte analyzer, microscopic cove glass 22 x 22 mm english glass, micro albumin kit semi auto, semen diluting fluid, hbsag elisa kit of 96 test, hcv rapid kit of 30 test, grouping sera anti ab, grouping sera anti a1, grouping sera anti h, 22% bovine albumin sera, micropipette tips 1-200ui, envelope polythene 7.5x10 cm with self closing facility for autoclave packing, envelope polythene 10 x 12.5 cm with self closing facility for autoclave, envelope polythene 5x7.5 cms, with self closing facility for autoclave packing, anaesthetic mask size- 3, anaesthetic mask size- 4, bed sore dressing, vaccutainer sodium citrate with vaccum, lint absorbent, cotton, hydrocortisone enema entofoam, accuchek glucometer battery, dressing extra thin wound care 10cm x 10cm box of 5, dressing extra thin wound care 20cm x 20cm box of 3, dressing wound 10 x 20 cm, bipolar cable sample approval reqd to use with medilap cautry, bipolar coagulation forceps 20 cmstraight sharp insulated sample approval reqd, surgical diathermy pencil with blades disp, surgical suction tube with cannulae, fogarty embolectomy catherers size 5f, pera safe sodium perborate monohydrate 50% w/v powder mix instrument sterilant bott of 800g, fibrin glue 1ml containing : fibrinogen 70-110 mg, plasmafibronectin 2-9mg, factor xiii 10-50u, plasminogen 40- 120mcg, aprotinin solution 3000 kiu/ml, thrombin 500, thrombin 4,, poly glycolic acid no :0 rb 40mm heavy needle 90 cm, polypropylene no 1 rb 40mm 1/2 circle 90 cm, surgical marking pen, silk no 1 free tie without needle, phenol crystals 500 gms bott, alcohol free wipes for rapid disinfection containing 0.25gm didecyldimethylammoniumchloride, 0.5 gm quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl c12-16-alkyldimethylchlorides, 20x22cm, sterile corrugated drains, skin graft blades for humbys knife blade pkt of 10 blades, sodalime, closed circuit for adult ventiator, hetastarch 3%, face mask disposable plastic 01, 02, 03, 04, , sterilisation wrap with sms fabric and 99% nacterial filtration efficiency 36x36, disp under buttock absorbable draw sheet, central venous catheter size7 fr, cental venouse catheter size 7.5fr, cental venouse catheter size4.5 fr, minivac drain, closed ventilator circuite paed, disp bullnose fitting, extension line with 3 way 100 cm, methanol aldehyde free, lens cleaner radical, reticulocyte diluting fluid, tissue paper roll, pap stain ultra pap, rapid test for dengue igg, igm&ns1ag, ggt kit for erba, albumin kit erba semi auto analyser, lotion minoxidil 2% bott of 60 ml, lotion minoxidil 5% bott of 60 ml, oint momentasone 0.1% + sodium fisidate 2%, oint sodium fusidate 2% + biochitoderm tube of 5 gm, syp drotaverin hydrochloride 10 mg/5ml, drop lactase enzyme 600 fcc units lactase enzyme drops, lactase enzyme 4500 fcc units chewable tablet, desmopressin tablet 0.2 mg, syp frusamide, syp omega-3 fatty acids, dha and epa, surgical hemostate surgicel/newknit, micropipette tips 100-1000ui,

State Government

CTN :22174595 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 20.00 Lacs
l-iconSikar - Rajasthan Tender For supply of laboratory consumables - micropipette tips filtered, sterile, sterile, rnase/dnase, eppendorf tubes-rnase\dnase free. free pyrogen free 1.5ml, tissue roll, abro tape standard size, three mop buckets complete set of plastic as per bmw rules 2016, polybag ties medium size, sanitizer 500ml, sterile falcontube-15ml, sterile falcon tube-50ml, soap 75 gm, ethanol 500ml/ absolute alcohol 95-100%, vtm, ziplock medium size, lyzol 5l, 10%hypochlorite5l, sterile distilled water 5l, baccishield 1l, spray bottles 500 ml, spray bottle nozzles, test tube rack stands for 15ml falcon tubes, test tube rack stands for 50ml falcon tubes, lab slippers pair, multichannel pipette rnase/dnase free, easy to clean, accurate imbibition and ultra light


CTN :22167032 c-icon25 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconNasikcity - Maharashtra Tender For supply of magnetic bead based nucleic acid isolation kit., rt pcr kit., deep well 96 plate -50 pcs each., 96 tip com for dw magnates 10x10 pcs /box., 96 well plate 200ul -48/cs case of 48., optical 96 well reaction plate 0.2ml ., optical adhesive film, 10 ul graduated filter tip sterile, 20ul graduated filter tip sterile, 200ul graduated filter tip sterile, 1000ul graduated filter tip sterile, filter paper sheet muel, 0.2 ml thin wall pcr tube, flat/domed shield cap., 0.2 ml thin wall 8 strip pcr tube with flat cap, indivisual shielded cap., 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes, 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes, cryovials 2ml, cryo box 100 place or 81 place, cryo tags 38x19mm, pcr cooler pink, pcr cooler blue, isotherm systems starter set for 1.5/2ml tubes, nuclease free water, molecular grade absolute alcohol 99.99%, rack for 1.5/2ml centrifuge tube rack, 15ml tube rack, parafilm 4 x125, 15 ml conical tubes, 50 ml conical tubes, reagent reservoir, 50 ml bottle, 100 ml bottle, nitrile powder disposable gloves size l/m, optical 384 well reaction plate., single channel variable volume pipette, 8 channel variable volume pipette, mechanical, 8 channel electronic variable volume pipette, 12 channel variable volume pipette, mechanical, rapid anigen test kit, high viral transport media kit vtm kit
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