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Ac Starter Tenders

Get complete information related to latest Ac Starter Tenders . from India at Classic Tenders. Search the best available tenders from Indian government tenders, domestic Ac Starter Tenders , private tenders, online tenders, tender invitation notice, business tender notices, online tenders and bidding Ac Starter Tenders.

Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22217280 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconBhopal - Madhya Pradesh Tender For supply of offline ups, printer, mf printer, network switch, kvm switch, vga spliter, usb printer sharer, hdmi splitter, external dvd r/w, computer blower, cmos battery, vga cable 5 mtr, hdmi cable 5 mtr, piktel cable ofc module, scanner

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22224691 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconDamoh - Madhya Pradesh Tender For supply of buy back - lead acid starter batteries

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22225480 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconDehradun - Uttaranchal Tender For supply of buy back - stationary value regulated lead acid batteries, buy back - small sized valve regulated lead acid batteries, buy back - lead acid starter batteries

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22221310 c-icon10 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconBangalore - Karnataka Tender For supply of cfl lamp, electronic ballast for cfl, led lamp b-22 , slim tube light 4 ft., mh lamp, ignitor - 3 wire , ballast for mh light, ballast , mhde lamp, mh copper ballast , cfl lamp 4pin pl-s , e-14 3w led candle lamp , slim panel led light -garnet 16w, led 4 feet slim fitting, ceiling fan capacitor, , exhaust fan capacitor, copper wire, module roma box , module roma plate, armoured cable, casing and caping , roma modular switch , roma modular switch with indicater, roma socket, cfl lamp - 85w , rj-45 connector, cat-6 cable , 3/4 flexible hose, spiral sleeve, ceiling fan, 20a metal clade box set , lamp holder

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22211226 c-icon09 Nov, 2021 2.06 Crore
l-iconRourkela - Orissa Tender For supply of inspection door, inspection door frame, purge air fan, wall thru bushing insulator, collecting electrode, guide plate, suspension bar, spacing bar, rapping bar, rapping bar special, guide finger, f/rapping bar guide and deflector plate, guide and deflector plate, supporting pin, rapping bar, supporting pin, insulator cover, suspension tube, suspension tube, dia70-m64, suspension link, m42, insulator cover, suspension, travers, suspension, supporting traverse rs-electrode, supporting insulator, gasket, electrode rs, connecting piece, disch electrode, bearinglifting bar, stabilizing bar, guide bar, clip, shakle, fixing traverse, stabilizing traverse, rapping bar, rapping bar special, rapping hammer, connecting rod, axis of rotation, u-bolt, shaft of plate rapping device, coupling/bearing, bushingpacking box, support, f/drive, bearing block and bracket, support, f/bearing block, rapping hammer, collecting electrode, esp packing, stuffing box, geared motor along w/bore, ccoupling abg, roller+bushing, fix bearing, shaft, disch electrodes rapping device anvil, discharge sys bearing bracket impulse components, lever, f/rapping device, rapping hammer, split pin, thrust bearing eccentric, suspension insulator, geared motor, swing bearing, pin-wheel, ratchet lateral, ratchet above, gasket, clevis w/pin, fixing clamp, tr controller, firing module, insulator heater, hopper heater, temperature switch, rtd, f/hopper, ht isolator,

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22209884 c-icon30 Oct, 2021 4.00 Lacs
l-iconKathua - Jammu And Kashmir Tender For supply of basin, engilsh seat 1, english seat 2, cistern tank, cistern tank accessories, brass tap 1, brash tap 2, angle valve, basin tap, gi elbow 1, gi elbow 2, gi socket 1, gi socket 2, waste pipe, gi nipple 1, gi nipple 2, connection pipe 1, connection pipe 2, gate valve, pvc pipe 1, pvc pipe 2, gi socket reducer 1, gi socket reducer 2, gi tank nipple 1, gi tank nipple 2, gi tank nipple 3, hex reducing nipple 1, hex reducing nipple 2, door closer, led tube light, pvc electric wire 1, pvc electric wire 2, pvc electic wire 3, pvc electric wire 4, mcb 1, mcb 2, mcb 3, mcb 4, mcb 5, mcb 6, plug 1, switch board box 1, switch board box 2, switch board box 3, modular plate 6 module, plug 2, mcb tpn, electric wire 5, pvc insulation tape

State Government

CTN :22208186 c-icon06 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconDaman - Gujarat Tender For supply of 5mp ip bullet network outdoor camera, bullet network indoor camera, network video recorder, network switch 24 port poe, power cable cat6, 3kva ups with minimum 02 hours back up, networking 9u rack – side integrated, 10tb enterprise hard disc drive, 32 professional led screen tv, 24port cat6 loaded patch panel, cat6 normal patch cord, cat6 i/o termination, 2 port datagate wall plate, pvc back box, 25mm pvc pipe black colour, 12v, 42ah smf battery, rack & interlinks for implementation, 4 module box & plug for rack power, core power cable for ups .

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22210896 c-icon28 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconChittoor - Andhra Pradesh Tender For supply of optical fiber cable 6 pair, 32mm 4 gauge hdpe pipe, 05 pair 0.5mm telephone armoured jelly cable, 10 pair 0.5mm armoured telephone cable, media converter, patch card, 4 port switch, 4 u rack, 10 pair krone telephone module, krone punching tool.

Corporations And Associations And Others

CTN :22210766 c-icon27 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconKarnal - Haryana Tender For supply of instrument spares - turbine trip reset sov, lp reset sov, esv sov, transducer 5m system, tcp isolator type, alternator temp. scanner model microslan-102, proximity sensor, digital input npn 24v with base, analog input module, left sensor 4-20ma, analog output module with base model no. 8c-pa0na1 part no. 51454469-175 make- honeywell, donnelly chute sonser type conductive type, make- energy venture, , donnelly chute transmitter controller make- energy venture, teflon ring, id- 202.5mm od-233.5mm thickness 2mm + 0.1 make- energy tech engineers, sugar weighing controller m/c model hi-tech 009 make- hi-tech, conductivity sensor, make- farbes marshell model no. sp3, cond teledyne instruments city of industry, ca, continuous centrifugal machines iris positimer model no. p-90, pid controller of iris panel btl 9300 make- iris energy tech, valve position feedback switch ete-c-0301 make- iris energy tech., cable for feed back sensor ete-c-0302 make- iris energy tech., male female connector for feed back sensor ete-c-0301-1 make- iris energy tech., solenoid valve gang ete-c-0303 make- iris energy tech., rubber o ring kit for solenoid valve ete-c-03031 make- iris energy tech., plunger assembly for solenoid valve ete-c03032, make-iris energy tech., pid controller ete-c-0305-rt make- iris energy tech., electro pneumatic positimer p-90 ete-c-0306-irt make- iris energy tech., feed back relay 230 vac 3 c/o ete-c-0308 make- iris energy tech., 24 vdc power supply ete-c-0309 make- iris energy tech., output relay 24 vdc 2c/0 ete-c-310 make- iris energy tech., air inlet ball valve ete-c-0401 make- iris energy tech., air inlet filter ete-c0402 make- iris energy tech, coil for sov model no. ip67-cert, klpl/16/05-26, 24vdc 16-bw, make- rotork, smart positimer model no. yt-3300-lsi152is make- rotork, solenoid valve model no. 5/2 way poppet- k 412-s, size, ¼” bsp voltage -24 vdc, make- kushako, rtd- card with base part no. 8c taima1, honewell, ethernet managed switch 24 port with 2 fibre port d-link, honeywell make. model no. des-1210-28, do- card with base part no. 8c –pdoda1, make- honeywell, cat-c ethernet cable d-link 1 grey + 1 blue, temp. scanner masibus for dcs panel- blr, model no. 85xx+ with ethernet card. i/p- rtdpt- 100 3w, ulpwdor- 40a spd – diode o ring unit 40a. with 4fuse, ulpedd10-20a diode o ring unit 20a. with fuse, header to header connector model no. 51202329-811 & modelno. 51202329-810 2 green + 2 yellow, anti scalent dosing tank level switch length 0-2 mtr make- v automat, ph sensor make- forbe marshall, roller left sensor make- banner

Central Government And Public Sector

CTN :22207400 c-icon25 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconSilvassa - Dadra And Nagar Haveli Tender For supply of thermal scanner lm-32c hm1200c lcd, dm hand sanitizer 500ml liquid base sanitizer with dispencer, aarogyam hand sanitizer 5 ltr can, neptune sanitizer spray machine disinfection of building, sodium hydrochlorite 5ltr, safeu hand sanitizer gel based 500ml with pump and aloevera, mask, hand gloves, face shield, air freshener 300 ml liquid spray type, floor cleaning duster, hard broom 350 gms, soft broom 300 gms, khujori broom, dettol soap bar, napkin turkish, naphthalene ball, nirma detergent powder, plastic bucket 5 lit, plastic tumbler, liquid hand wash bottle, towel turkish big full size, toiletvacuum pump color medium rubber gutka, toilet brushveni brush--1, harpics power bluetoilet cline 500 ml, sunny phenyl bottle 500 ml, stainless steel knife, door met green colour rubber type size:-2ft x 3 ft per no., chindhi cotteon waste for cleaning, santoor liquid hand wash 500 ml, pedent holder backalite type 6a-240v best quality anchor or its equivalent, piano type fuse indicator 5a-230v best quality anchor or its equivalent, mcb distribution board with mcb couple four way with natural link complete set 32 amps, domestic type five in one 6 &16 a switch socket combined with fuse & indicator with junction box jainex or its equivalent, miniture circuit breaker mcb 10amp single, 2.5 sq.mm.copper conductor standard pvc insulated industrial cable/ wire multistrand 91mtr long per coil rr kabel, 1.5mm sq. four core pvc flexible cable copper conductor 1.1kv conferming to is:694/1990 national or finolax or rr cable or its equivalent, 2.5mm sq. four core pvc flexible cable copper conductor 1.1kv conferming to is:694/1990 national or finolax or rr cable or its equivalent, screw nettel fold, insulation tape steelgrip 3/4 flat, capicitor 2.5ufd microferod running 440 vac for ceiling fan epcos or its equivalent, bar conductor open wire alluminium 8 swg, electric bell buzzer type for practical of electrician & wireman tradebest quality anchor or its equivalent, pvc casing caping 1 flat 02 mtr long per piece for wiring practical best quality, ms flate 65mm x 10 mm x 2mtr long per piece 40 mtr, ms round bar 32 mm diameter x 2 mtr long per piece 20 mtr, oil hp hdx 20w40 multigrade engine oil 210 litre per drum, battery 12 volts as per sample of minimum 60 months warranty amron or its equivalent for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, wheel bearing grease 1/2kg tin castol brand or its equivalent, omni patch for puncture tube small patch reparing for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, tubeless tyre reparing kit for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, tyre pressure guage with holding nipple and different attachments for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, emery cloth paper rough as per sample, white cotton waste 200gm per packet for automobile workshop, washing soap rin supreme -75gm cake per no., cotton nevy blue cloth aprons as per the sample with marking of emblem of iti silvassa for trainees size:-62” & 64” longincluding cloth & stitching charges, tere cotton cloth overcoat as per sample/size of concerned technical staff of govt.iti silvassa as per enclosed list. sample must be approved before supply., gents pent & shirtfull sleeve with stitching charges. pent is of cotton & shirt is of terecotton cloth of white colour for gents class iv staff of iti silvassa., ladies saree& blouse & petticoat with cloth & stiching charges saree is of polyster & blouse &petticoat is of terecotton cloth for ladies class iv staff of iti silvassa. , first aid kit as per sample’bigkit complete in stainless steel box. standerd kit with the validity of two years of all medicenes, fault simulation training module for the mpfi petrol engine.
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