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Acetaldehyde Tenders

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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :22249835 c-icon24 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconTirupathi - Andhra Pradesh Tender For supply of crs/tpty ph no.:36004 disp. chest electrodes crs/tpty ph no.:36052 x-ray fixer with hardner to make 13.5 ltrs 3 gallons crs/tpty ph no.:40360 uristix bottle of 100 strips ph no.:47010 b.p. arm bag with cuff adult silicon


CTN :22229348 c-icon27 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconMalegaon - Maharashtra Tender For providing medicine, equipment, liquid chemical - injections, anti d 300, artesunate 60 mg, adrenalin, a.d.s., amickacin 500, amoxy .clav.1.2, ampilicine 500 mg, a.r.v., a.s.v.s., atropine sulphate, b complex, betnesol, benzathiline penicilline, bupivacaine, carboprost tromet, calcium gloconate, chiorpheniramine maleat, cefoperazone+salbactam 1.5, cefotaxime 1 gm, ceftriaxone 1 gm, dicyclomine, diclofenace, diclofenace, diazepam, dexamethazon, frusemide, getamycine, heparin 25000 iu, heamocoagulas, hydrocort, insuline human actrapid, ketamine, lignocain 2%, lmw 0.4, lmw 0.6, lignocain hydro. & dext., m.v.i., magnesium sulphate, methyl prednisolon 500 mg, methargine, meropenum 1gm, mephentin, midzolam, metochlopromide, ondensetran, oxytocin, pantapazole 40, pentozocine, phenargen, ppaperacilline tazo. 4.50 gm, promethazine, rantidine, remidisvir 100 mg, tramadol, tranexamic acid, theophyline, soda bi carbonate, succinyl choline chloride, t.t.d, thiopenton, iron soucrose, vitamin k, capsules, ampicilline 250, ampicilline 500, amoxycillin 250, amoxycilline 500, doxycilline 100, tetracycline 250, multivitamin, carbonyl iron with folic acid, tablets, aspirin 300 mg, amoxy.clave.228.5, amoxy.clave.625, antacid, azythromycine 500, b complex, c.p.m.4 mg, chloroquine, cipro 250, calcium with vit d3, dicylomine 10 mg, diclofenac 50 mg, diclo + para, domparidon 10 mg, isoxsuprine 200, erythromycin 250 mg, favipiravir 200 mg, furazolidone 100 mg, folic acid, ferrous sulphate 200 mg, ferrous sulphate 100 mg, ferrous sulphate 40 mg, flucanazole 150 mg, hydrazine hydrochloride 10 mg, hyoscine butyl bromide 10 mg, ibu.+para ped., iron with folic acid, ibprofetn 400 mg, lactic bacillus, methargine, metronidazole 200 mg, metochlopromide, mebendazole 100 mg, norfloxacine400, prochlorperazin 5 mg, paracitamol 500 mg, paracitamol 125kid, pantaprazole 40, salbutamol 4 mg, t.m.p.sulpa s.s., tmp sulpha pead., tranexamic acid 250 mg, vit.c. 500 mg, zinc sulphate 20 mg, i.v. fluids, d-5%, d-25%, d.n.s., ciproflox, hemaccile, levoflox, metronidazole, n.s., ns, r.l., syrup, albendazole, ampicilline, amoxycilline, azythromycine, calcium vit. d3, cefpodoxime, cetrizine, cough syrup, cough syrup, furazolidone 100 mg, f.s.drop, iron with folic acid, ibuprofen paracitamol, levocetrizine+montelukast, multivitamin, multivitamine drop, metronidazole, ofloxacin + metro, ondencetran, paracitamole, para+cpm, tmp sulpha., zinc, application, abb gel, antiseptic solution, benzyl benzoate solution, clotrimazole veginal pessary, cotrimaxazole+clindamycine veginal pessary, cefgaurd soln., doppler/ecg jelly, ecg paper roll, hydrogen peroxide, formalin, getamycine eye/ear drops, povidon ointment, povidon solution, protien powder, o.r.s. powder, meidcated spirit, nitrofurazone ointment, sanitaizer, soframycine cream, ciproflox + dexa eye/ear drop, lidocain 2% jelly, lab materials, beaker plastic, centrifuge machine 8 tube, cell counter, edta solution, distil water, grouping sera a.b.d., gulcometer, glucometer strips, glass slide, hcl 0.1 n, hbsag kit, hb pipette, hiv kit, h.b. square tube, h.b.meter, i.g.g.i.g.m.kit, lancet, malaria stain, multistick, malaria kit, microscope binocular, micropipette 1 ml, micro tips, pregnancy strip, plastic test tube, tourniquet belt, test tube holder, test tube stand, vdrl kit, vacuum plane bulb, vacuum edta bulb, vtm kit, uristix, widal kit, instrument /devices, ambubag, autoclave drum 8”, autoclave drum 6”, baby warmer machine, bed sheet, b.p. apparatus mercury, b.p.app with stand mercury, boyels apparatus, baby kit zable, topi, plastic sheet & others, blood transfusion set, bandage cloth, cotton, catgut no 14259, cloth gaun, cord clamp, dispo needle 23/24, dispo plastic gaun, dispo syringe 2 ml, dispo syringe 5 ml, dispo syringe 10 ml, drug trolley, doppler machine, electric needle cutter, endo tracheal tube, ethilon no.1, folly’s cath., flatters tube, foetal doppler, feeding tube 8/9/10, gloves non sterile 6.5 / 7 /7.5, gloves plastic 6.5 / 7.5, gloves strile 6.5 / 7 / 7.5, hospital iron bed, hospital cotton bed with rexin cover, hole sheet, iv stand, laryngoscope, labour table gyenac, monila sheet, macintosh, nebulizer, needle cutter, n-95 mask, pulse oxymeter with monitor, ot table hydraulic, oxygen set, oxygen cylinder connector, pillow, plastic gaun, plane sheet, rolled bandage 4”, ryles tube, rubber catheter, sanitary pads 1 packet per beneficiary., saline stand, saline set, scalp set 22/23, spinal needle, sticking roll 9m x 1”, sticking roll 9m x 4”, suction machine electric, surgical blade, surgical drum big, surgical drum small, shadow less lamp, stethoscopes, stretcher, sponge, tripal layer mask, tuberculine syringe 1 ml with needle, urine bag, vein flow 20/22, vicryll 1 no2347, weight machine adult, weight machine ped, shayla lx bioplor cautrey, ot light kite 4 model, obstereric labour table telescopic, labour table light with standmobile, labour table trolly, fumigation machine, vertical double drum auroclave, trolly towel, labour trolly with bowel & accessories, foramaline chamber 23”, suction machine large, o2 concentrator, dressing trolly, digital bp apparatus, silicon suction tube, pvc suction tube, foetal doppler 28 weeks, hydolic ot table delux model, formaline tablet, plastic coated drap sheet, dead body bag, airways, electrical sterilizer small, electrical sterilizer big, double boul stand, bed side screen 3 folder, ecg machine trolly, single step stool, multiple bins trolly, crash cart, instrument cabinate, pulse oxymeter, double step stoolms frame, signal step stoolms frame, nursing staff cabinet, x-ray, x-ray film 8x10, x-ray film 10x12, x-ray film 12x15, fixer, ripleshner, devloper, lscs set, artery forceps 8”, artery forceps 6”, artery forceps curved 8”, artery forceps curved 6”, allies tissue medium forceps 6”, allies tissue forceps 8”, babcock tissue forceps 8”, b.p .handel no.4, bowel, c-shape retractor, cuscos scissor middle size, cuscos scissor large size, dissecting forceps toothed 8”, dissecting forceps plain 8”, doyen retractor 8 or 10”, episiotomy scissor 6”, finger pulse oxy.digital, finger pulse oxy electric, green armytage 8”, green artery forecep, kelies clam, kidney tray, long allies forcep, morrs retractor, mosquito artery forceps 4”, needle holder mayo 8”, needle holder 6”, needle holder “, plastic gown, plain forceps, sponge holding forceps 10”, suction tube, self retaining retractor, tooth forceps 6”, scissor 6”, scissor plane 8”, scissor curved 6” & 8”, structure cutting scissor 8”, stitch cutter, stitch stapler, towel clip cross action, tissue cutting scissor 8”, for mmc health department at hospital and dispensary

State Government

CTN :22137234 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconGuwahati - Assam Tender For supply of chemicals for use in laboratories - vanadium sulphate didhydrate, sodium tungsten, cadmium chloride anhydrous, tellurium tetrachloride, manganese chloride tetrahydrate, cobalt chloride hexahydrate, x - ray fixer, x- ray developer, ammonium heptamolybdate tetrahydrate, thiourea, silicagel, silver nitrate, rhodamine b, sodium arsenite, acriflavine, cadmium chloride monohydrate, potassium chromate, potassium dichromate, isopropyl alcohol, naphthalimide, j - sil vial, glassware - measuring cylinder j - sil

State Government

CTN :22140784 c-icon02 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconFaridkot - Punjab Tender For purchase chemicals and general consumables - 2, 4-diphenyl hydrazine 3, 5-dinitrobenzoyl chloride 4-acetamidobenzenesulfonyl chloride acetaldehyde acetaldehyde solution 20-30% acetanilide acetic anhydride 99% ar acetic solvent acetone acetophenone acriflavine activated charcoal ammonia solution sp. gr 0.91 ammonium acetate ammonium hydroxide 18-20% ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate, ammonium sulphate aniline barfoed reagent benedict’s reagent barium chloride dihydrate benzaldehyde benzamide benzidine hydrochloride solution benzil benzoic acid benzoyl chloride benzyl penicillin potassium penicillin g potassium api benzyl penicillin sodium penicllin g sodium api benzylthiouronium salt s- benzylthiouronium chloride 98% bial’s reagent bleaching powder / calcium hypochlorite brilliant green indicator powder bromobenzene bromophenol blue indicator solution tert-butylamine calcium chloride fused carbon disulphide carbon tetrachloride castor oil cerric ammonium nitrate 99% ar chlorine water chlorobenzene chloroform chloroquine phosphate api chlorosulphonic acid concentrated ammonia solution copper sulphate dapsone api diethyl ether ethanol ethyl acetate ethyl acetoacetate ferric chloride anhydrous formaldehyde formic acid 98%-100% glacial acetic acid glycerine glycine hydrogen peroxide 30% hydroxyl amine hydrochloric acid 98% iodine isoniazid 99% extra pure api isonicotinic acid hydrazide isopropyl alcohol lactic acid lead acetate anhydrous lead subacetate lead sulphate 98.5% extra pure m-dinitrobenzene mercuric nitrate or mercury ii nitrate methanol metronidazole api millon’s reagent 4-nitroaniline 98.5% extra pure nitrobenzene orthophenylene diamine para amino benzoic acid phenolphthalein indicator solution phenyl hydrazine 98% picric acid saturated solution potassium chromate potassium dichromate potassium hydrogen phthalate potassium iodide potassium tetraiodomercurateii propanol p-toluene sulfonyl isocyanate rectified spirit resorcinol schiff’s reagent sodium acetate sodium bicarbonate sodium bisulphite sodium carbonate sodium dichromatedihydrate sodium metal sodium nitrate sodium nitrite sodium nitroprusside dihydrate sodium sulphate anhydrous sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate succinic acid sulphanilamide 4-aminobenzenesulphonamide sulphanilic acid anhydrous 5-sulphosalicylic acid sulphur powder tertiary butyl hydro peroxide tbhp tetrahydrofuran thymol blue tin ii chloride stannous chloride trimethylamine hydrochloride

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22105379 c-icon27 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconVaranasi - Uttar Pradesh Tender For purchase of expendable medical store - tab abirateron acetate 250 mg, tab acarbose 50mg, tab aceclofenac + pcm + serratiopeptidase, tab acerbrophyllinacebrophyllin, tab acetazolamide 250mg, tab acetyl systine 600 mg, tab aciclovir 800 mgacyclovir, tab acotiamide 100 mg, tab acyclovir 200 mg, tab albendazole 400 mg, tab alfacalcidol 0.25mg, tab alfuzocin 10mg, tab allopurinol 100mg, tab alprazolam 0.50 mg, tab alprazolam 0.25 mg, tab amantidine 100mg, tab amiodarone 100 mg, tab amisulpride 100mg, tab amitriptylline 10 mg, tab amitriptylline 25 mg, tab amlodipine 10mg, tab amlodipine 5 mg, tab amlodipine 5 mg+atenolol 50 mg, tab amoxy+clavulanic acid 625 mg, tab amoxycillin+clavulanic acid 1 gm, tab amoxycillin 500 mg, tab antaciddigene, tab antioxidant+minerals, tab paracetamol+dicyclomine, tab aripiprazole 10mg, tab aspirin 150mg, tab aspirin 75 mg, tab atenolol 25 mg, tab atenolol 50mg, tab atorvastatin 10mg, tab atorvastatin 20mg, tab pheniramine maleate avil, tab azithromycin 250mg, tab azithromycin 500 mg, tab aceclofenac 100mg, tab s adenosyl methionine 400 mg, cap alphalipoic acid + mecobalamine + folic acid pyridoxineala mcb, cap ampiclox 500mg, tab apixaban 2.5 mg, tab azathioprine 50 mg, cap haematinic, tab vitamin b complex, tab baclofen 10mg, tab betahistine 16mg, tab betahistine 48 mg, tab betahistine 8 mg, tab bisacodyl 5mg, tab bisoprolol 5mg, tab cabergoline 0.5 mg, tab calcium carbonate+d3, tab calcium dobesilate 500mg, tab carbamazepine 200mg, tab carbamazepine cr 200 mg, tab carbamazepine cr 300 mg, tab carbimazole 5mg, tab carbimazole 10 mg, tab levocarnitine 500 mg, tab carvedilol 12.5mg, tab carvedilol 3.125 mg, tab calcium citrate malate, tab cefixime 100mg, tab cefixime 200mg, tab capccitabine 500 mg, tab calcium acetate 667mg, tab cefixme+clavulanic acid, tab cefodoxime 200mg, tab cefuroxime 500 mg, tab cefuroxime 250mg, tab cephalexine 250mg, tab cetirizine 10mg, tab chlordiazepoxide 10mg, tab trypsin chymotrypsin, tab cilostazol 100mg, tab cilnidipine 10 mg, tab cinnarizine 25mg, tab cinnarizine 75mg, tab ciprofloxacin 250 mg, tab ciprofloxacin 500mg, tab cipzoxchlorzoxazone + diclofenac + pcm, tab citicoline 500mg, tab citicolin 500 mg+piracetem 800 mg, tab clarithromycin 250 mg, tab clarithromycin 500 mg, tab clindamycin 300 mg, tab clobazam 10 mg, tab clobazam 5 mg, tab clomiphene citrate 100 mg, tab clonazepam 0.25 mg, tab clonazepam 0.5mg, tab clonazepam 2 mg, tab clonidine 100 mg arkamin, tab clopid75mg+aspirin 150mg, tab clozapine 100mg, tab colchicine 500 mg, tab cold cosavil, tab combiflam pcm+ibuprofen, tab cough lozenges, tab cyproheptadine periactin, tab dabigatran 150 mg, tab dabigatran 110 mg, tab daflon 1 gm, tab daflon 500mg, tab danazole 100 mg, tab darifenacin 7.5 mg, tab deflazacort 6mg, tab dexamethasone 0.5 mg, tab diacerein 50mg, tab diazepam 5 mg, tab diclofenac sodium 50mg, tab diclofenac sodium sr 100mg, tab dicyclomine+mefenamic acidmeftal spas, tab digoxin 0.25 mg, tab diltiazem 60mg, tab diltiazem 90mg, tab divalproex 250 mg, tab divalproex 500mg, tab paracetamol advance 500 mg, tab domperidone 10 mg, tab donepezil 5 +memantine 5 mg, tab donepezil 5mg, tab doxepin 25mg, tab doxofylline 400 mg, tab doxycycline 100 mg, tab drotaverin+mefenamic acid, tab duloxetine 20 mg, tab dutasteride 0.5 mg+alfuzocin 10 mg, tab dutasteride 0.5mg, tab ecitalopram 10 mg, tab ecitalopram 5mg, tab econorm 25mg, tab effavirenz 600mg, tab enalapril 10 mg, tab enzalutamide 40 mg, tab enalapril 5mg, tab entecavir 0.5mg, tab eplerenone 25mg, tab ethambutol 800mg, tab ethamsylate 500mg, tab etizolam 5mg, tab etoricoxib 120 mg, tab etoricoxib 60 mg, cap esmoprazole 40 mg, cap evening primrose 1000mg, tab faropenem 200 mg, tab febuxostat 80 mg, tab febuxostat 40mg, tab fenofibrate 200 mg, tab fexofenadine 120mg, tab fexofenadine 180mg, tab finasteride 5mg, tab flavoxate 200 mg, tab flunarizine 10mg, tab fluoxetine 20mg, tab fluvoxamine 50mg, tab folic acid 5mg, tab frusemide 40mg, cap fluconazole 150 mg, tab gabapentine 100mg, cap gabapentin 300mg, tab glibenclamide 5mg, tab gliclazide 40 mg, tab gliclazide 80mg, tab gliclazide mr 60mg, tab glimepiride 1mg, tab glimepiride 2mg, tab glipizide 5mg, tab glucosamine 500mg, tab haloperidol 5mg, tab hydrochlorothiazide 25mg, tab hydrochlorothizide 12.5mg, tab hydroxychloroquine sulphate 200mg, tab ibuprofen 200 mg, tab imipramine 25mg, tab indapamide sr 1.5mg, tab indomethacin 25mg, tab isosorbide mononitrate 20mg, tab isosorbide mononitrate 30mg, tab isosrbide dinitrate 10mg, tab itopride 50mg, tab ivabradine 5mg, tab imatinib 400mg, cap indomethacin sr 75mg, cap itraconazole 100mg, tab ketoconazole 200 mg, tab lacosamide 100mg, tab lactobacilluspre & pro, tab lamivudine 150 mg + zidovudine 300mg, tab lamivudine 150 mg +nevirapine 200+zidovudine 300 mg, tab lamivudine 150 mg +nevirapine 200, tab lamotrizine 100mg, tab lamotrizine 50mg, tab fursemide 40 mg + spironolactone 25 mg, tab leflunomide 20mg, tab levetiracetam 1gm, tab levetiracetam 500 mg, tab levetiracetam 250 mg, tab levocetirizine 5 mg, tab levodopa+carbidopa 110 mg, tab levodopa+carbidopa 275mg, tab levofloxacin 500 mg, tab levosulpiride 25, tablevosulpiride 50 mg, tab linezolid 600 mg, tab loperamide 2 mg, tab lenalidomide 25 mg, tab lorazepam 1 mg, tab letrozole 2.5 mg, tab lorazepam 2 mg, tab losartan 25 mg, tab losartan 50 mg, tab losartan 50 mg + hydrochlorothiazide 12.5, tab mebiverine 135 mg, tab mecobalamin 1500 mcg, tab mecobalamin fort, tab medoxyprogesterone 10 mg, tab memantine 5 mg, tab mesalamine 400 mg, tab mesalamine 800 mg, tab mesalamine 1.2 gm, tab metformin 500 mg+glimepiride 1 mg, tab metformin 500 mg+glimepiride 2 mg, tab metformin 500 mg, tab metformin sr 500 mg, tab methotrexate 7.5 mg, tab methylcobalamine 1500 mg+ pregabalin 75 mg, tab methyl prednisolone 4 mg, tab metoclopramide 10 mg, tab metoprolol 12.5mg, tab metoprolol 25 mg, tab metoprolol xl 25 mg, tab metronidazole 400 mg, tab mirtazepine 15 mg, tab mirtazepine 30 mg, tab montelukast 10 mg, tab montelukast 5 mg, tab montelukast 10 mg+levocetirizine 5 mg, tab moxifloxacin 400 mg, tab moxonidine 0.2 mg, cap mefenamic acid 250 mg, cap multivitamin with minerals, tab methotrexate 2.5 mg, tab mycophenolate mofetil 500 mg, tab nebivolol 2.5 mg, tab nebivolol 5 mg, tab neurobion fort, tab neurokind lc, tab neurokind plus, tab nicoumalone 1 mg, tab nicoumalone 4 mg, tab nicorandil 10 mg, tab nicorandil 5 mg, tab nifedipine r10 mg, tab nifedipine rt 20 mg, tab nimodipine, tab nimesulide 100 mg, tab nitroglycerin 2.6 mg, tab nitroglycerin 6.4 mg, tab nitrofurantoin 100mg, tab norethisterone 5 mg, tab norfloxacin 400 mg + tinidazole 500 mg, tab norfloxacin 400 mg, tab nortriptyline 25mg, tab ofloxacin +ornidazole, tab ofloxacin 200 mg, tab ofloxacin 400 mg, tab olanzapine 10 mg, tab olanzapine 5 mg, tab olmesartan 40 mg, tab olmesartan 20 mg, tab ondansetron 8 mg, tab oxaceprol 600 mg, tab oxcarbazepine 150 mg, tab oxcarbazepine 300mg, tab oxybutynin 2.5 mg, tab oxybutynin 5 mg, cap omeprazole 20mg, tab pancreatincreon 10000, tab pantoprazole 40 mg, tab pantoprazole+domperidone, tab paracetamol 500 mg, tab paracetamol+tramadol, tab paroxetine 10 mg, tab paroxetine 20 mg, tab paroxetine 37.5 mg, tab perindopril 8 mg, tab promethazine hcl 25 mg, tab phenytoin sodium 100 mg, tab pioglitazone 15 mg, tab pioglitazone 30 mg, tab piracetam 800 mg, tab piroxicam 20 mg, tab pramipexol 1mg, tab prazosin 2.5 mg, tab prazosin 5 mg, tab prednisolone 5 mg, tab prochlorperazine melate, tab progesterone 200 mg, tab propranolol 40mg, tab pamalidomide 2 mg, tab pyridoxine 40 mg, cap pregabalin 75 mg, tab pazopanib 400 mg, tab quetiapine 25 mg, tab quetiapine 50 mg, tab rabeprazole+domperidone, tab rabeprazole+itopride 50 mg, tab rabeprazole 20 mg, tab ramipril +hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg, tab ramipril 10 mg, tab ranitidine 150 mg, tab rifaximin 200 mg, tab rivaroxaban 10 mg, tab rifaximin 400 mg, tab glucosamine+chondroitin sulphate, tab risperidone 2 mg, tab rosuvastatin 10 mg, tab rosuvastatin 20 mg, tab rifampicin 600 mg+inh 300 mg, tab rifampicin 450+isonex 300 mg, tab ronalzine 500 mg, tab ropinirole 0.5 mg, cap rifampicin 450 mg, tab s amlodipine 2.5 mg, tab s amlodipine 5 mg, tab salbutamol 4 mg, tab saroglitazar, tab secnidazole 1 gm, tab selegiline hcl 5 mg, tab sertraline 25 mg, tab sertraline 50 mg, tab sevelamer 400 mg, tab sevelamer 800 mg, tab saxagliptin 5 mg, tab sildenafil citrate 50 mg, tab silodosin 8 mg, tab simvastatin 10 mg, tab simvastatin 20 mg, tab sitagliptin 50 mg, tab sitagliptin 50 mg+metformin 500 mg, tab sitagliptin 100 mg+metformin 1 gm, tab sodium alendronate 35 mg, tab sodium alendronate 70 mg, tab sodium bicarbonate 500 mg, tab sodium bicarbonate 1 gm, tab sodium valproate 500 mg, tab sodium valproate cr 200 mg, tab sodium valproate 500 mgsr, tab sodium valproate cr-300 mg, tab solifenacin 10 mg, tab spironolactone 25 mg, tab sulfasalazine 500 mg, tab sumatriptan 50 mg, tab tacrolimus 1 mg, tab tamsulosin+dutasteride, tab tamsulosin+finasteride, tab telmisartan 20 mg, tab telmisartan 40 mg, tab telmisartan 80mg, tab telmisartan h telmisarton 40 mg+ hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg, tab tendocare, tab tacrolimus 0.5 mg, tab ticagrelor 90 mg, tab teneligliptin 20 mg, tab terbinafine 250 mg, tab thiocolchicoside 4 mg, tab thiocolchicoside 8 mg, tab thyroxine sodium 100 mg, tab thyroxine sodium 25 mg, tab tinidazole 500 mg, tab topiramate 25 mg, tab topiramate 50 mg, tab torsemide 100 mg, tab torsemide 10 mg, tab torsemide 20 mg, tab trihexyphenidyl hcl 2 mg, tab trimetazidine 20 mg, tab trimetazidine mr 35 mg, tab tranexamic acid+mefenamic acid, cap tramadol 50 mg, tab tramadol+acetaminophen ultracet, tab tamsulosin 0.4 mg, tab urosodeoxycholic acid 150 mg, tab urosodeoxycholic acid 300 mg, tab valsartan 80 mg, tab venlafaxine 37.5 mg, tab venlafaxine 75 mg, tab anti migrain vasograin, tab verapamil 40 mg, tab vildagliptin 50 mg, tab vildagliptin 50mg+metformin 1000mg, tab vildagliptin 50 mg+metformin 500 mg, cap vitamin e 400mg, tab ascorbic acid 500mg, tab voglibose 0.2 mg, tab voglibose 0.3 mg, inj ceftriaxone 1 gm, inj erythropoitein 2000 iu, inj novo eight 250 i u, inj glargine, inj insulin nph, inj rabies vaccine, inj insulin regular, inj insulin ryzodeg / dulaglutide 0.75 mg, kit albumin 5 x 50 ml, kit alkaline 36 ml, kit aso, kit creatinine 240 ml, kit glucose1x2000, kit sgot, kit triglyceride 50 ml, hdl cholesterol, sgpt, dengue day 1 test/kit1x10 kit, micropipette 0 to 100ml, vaccutainer edta with vaccume, vaccutainer tube fluridesugar, vacutainer sodium citrate, malaria pf/pv kit, inh budesonide 200 mcg, inh budesonide +formoterol 200mcg, inh salbutamol 100 mcg, inh tiotropium 9 mcg, inh beclomethasone 200 mcg, inh formoterol+ fluticasone 250 mcg, inh salmeterol+fluticasone 250 mcgseroflow, respules budesonide 0.5 mg 2 ml, resp ipratropium bromide, resp budesonide + formoterol, resp sol salbutamol 15 ml, resp salbutamol + ipratropium duolin 2.5 ml, rotacap budesonide + formoterol 200 mcg, rotacap budesonide + formoterol 400 mcg, rotacap salmeterol+fluticasone 250 mg seroflow, rotacap salmeterol+fluticasone 500 mgseroflow, rotacap tiotropium bromide, hand gloves s-6.5, hand gloves s-7, hand gloves s-7.5, hand gloves s-8, eye drop carboxy methylcelluloselubrex bottle of 10 ml, eye drop ciprofloxacin + dexamethasone bottle of 10 ml, eye drop ciprofloxacin bottle of 10 ml, eye drop moxifloxacin bottle of 10 ml, eye drop ofloxacin bottle of 10 ml, eye drop prednisolone acctate bottle of 10 ml, e/d gatifloxacin bottle of 2.5 ml, e/d olapatadine bottle of 2.5 ml, ear drop clear wax bottle of 10 ml, roller bandage 10 cm, roller bandage 6 cm, bandage crepe 10 cm, bandage crepe 15 cm, cotton absorbent 50 gm, cotton absorbent 500 gm, knee cap s, m, l, ls belt s-36, 38, 40, 42, 44, oint antihaemorrhoidal 20 gm, oint povidone iodine betadine15 gm, oint betamethasone salicylic acid dipsalic 20 gm, oint clobetazol 10 gm, oint clotrimazole 15 gm, oint diclofenac sodium 30 gm, oint framycetin 20 gm, oint miconazole 15 gm, oint mometasone 15gm, oint mouth ulcer gel 10 gm, oint mupirocin 5 gm, clotrimazole mouth paint, nasal drop xylomethazone bottle of 10 ml, nasal spray calcitonin, nasal spray mometasone, liquid fixer for x-ray, liquid formaldehyde 40% 5ltr, lotion povidone iodine100 ml, lotion sterillium 500 ml, antiseptic mouth wash, calciferol sachet, ors pkt of 12.5 gm, sachet isabgol husk, syp disodium hydrogen citrate alkasol bottle of 100 ml, syp antacid geldigene bottle of 170 ml, syp bromhexine 100 ml, syp cough expectorant/sedative bottle of 100 ml, syp milk of magnesia, liquid paraffin, sodium picosulfate cremaffin bottle of 170 ml, syp cyproheptadine bottle of 100 ml, syp iron with vitamins 200 ml, syp lactulose 100 ml, drop multivitamin bottle of 15 ml, syp sucralfate bottle of 100 ml, dispo syringe insulin 40iu, dispo syringe 10 ml, dispo syringe 5 ml, dispo syringe 2 ml, film x-ray 15 x 12, film x-ray 12 x 10, film x-ray 17 x 14,

Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :22113749 c-icon10 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconMumbai - Maharashtra Tender For supply of nanded-surgical itemsph no.:36051 x-ray fixer to make 22.5 ltrs
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