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Acetylene Cylinder Tenders

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Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :22160559 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconHyderabad - Telangana Tender For supply of supplying of gas cutting of following items 1 flash back arrestor oxygen, qty 02 2 flash back arrestor acetylene qty 02 nos * flame arrestor with non return valve shall quench flashbacks and shall not allow the reverse flow of gases * shall have temperature sensitive cut off valve to quench flashbacks and stop the gas flow before the upstream gas is ignited. * shall have pressure sensitive cut off valve. the pressure sensitive cut off valve shall remain closed until it is manually reset. * shall be compatible with the regulators 3 gas cutting torch/ blow pipe qty 01 no. * injector type hand cutting blowpipe for use with dissolved acetylene cylinders conform to is 7653 1975 with isi certification mark * body and head made of forged brass * swaged nozzles to ensure parallel beam of heating flame. 4 regulator oxygen qty 01 no 5 regulator acetylene qty 1 no * double stage regulators conforming to is 6901 2009 with isi certification mark * stainless steel diaphragm in first stage to absorb shock of inlet pressure and flexible rubber diaphragm in second stage for fine gas control * shall have two pressure gauges one to indicate the inlet pressure and the other to indicate the outlet pressure * shall have pressure adjusting knob for adjusting working pressure forged brass body and cap spring * valve shall be made of fire retardant material. 6hose pipe qty 20 mts two hoses, for oxygen and acetylene gas, each of 10m length, factory fitted with necessary nut and nipples at both ends with any other necessary adaptors required for gas connection of blow pipe or cutting machine with regulator through the flashback arrestors shall be supplied 7 gas cutting nozzle qty; 02 size 1/16 inch conforming to is: 7653/1975 specification. acceptable make:- bse, esab, ador or equivalent. note: delivery at 4 different locations : 1 01 no- gnt division: consignee no: 004030 sse/tm/gnt address: office of the stmd, backside of scrap depot near nallapadu railway station, nallapadu, guntur, andhra pradesh, south central railway-522005 ph.no.9701379225. 2 02 no- bza division : consignee no: 023310 sse/ cs/ryp address: office of the zonal track machine depot, near wagon workshop, rayanapadu, ibrahimpatnam mandal, krishna district, andhra pradesh, south central railway - 521241 ph.no.9701373152. 3 01 no- kzj division : consignee no: 014989 sse/ tm/kzj address: office of the senior section engineer, satellite depot, track machine, near fatima fly over, kazipet, telangana, south central railway-506003 ph.no.9701371668. 4 01 no- ned division : consignee no: 034071 sse/tm/ned address: office of the senior section engineer, satellite depot, track machine, mudkhed railway station, besides sse/p.way office, nanded district, maharashtra, south central railway -431806 ph.no.9730471232.

State Government

CTN :22100009 c-icon28 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconMehsana - Gujarat Tender For supply of suitable gas welding table with fire bricks, work bench, oxygen, acetylene cylinders, suitable gas cutting table


CTN :22073630 c-icon26 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconKalpakkam - Tamil Nadu Tender For refilling and supply of oxygen gas confirming to is: 309 in 6 or 7 cu. mtr npcil cylinder, service charges for painting of npcil oxygen and da cylinders, servicing charges for degreasing of npcils oxygen and da gas cylinders, replacement of gland nuts in npcils oxygen and da gas cylinders, replacement of valve caps in npcils oxygen and da gas cylinders, maintenance and service charges for replacement of valves, in npcils oxygen and da gas cylinders, hydraulic testing of npcil dissolved acetylene cylinders, hydraulic testing of npcil oxygen cylinders, refilling and supply of dissolved acetylene gas confirming to is: 308/1977 in 5 to 6 cu. mtr capacity, service charges for purging of npcil oxygen and da cylinders
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