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Adapter Coupling Tenders

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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22191607 c-icon29 Oct, 2021 2.07 Crore
l-iconKarwar - Karnataka Tender For procurement of diesel alternator including obs and b and d spares - vta 28 dm 500 kw dg, crankshaft kit, pump, sea water, exchanger, heat, actuator etr fuel water, kit conversion, retainer, valve spring, pump, water, pan oil, hose flexible, hose, flexible, flywheel, hose flexible, shaft, hose flexible, hose, flexible, cup injector, pick up magnetic, nozzle, piston cooling, housing rkr 4 rm, spring guide, pulley idler, pump, gear fule, hose flexible, cap main bearing no 1., hose flexible, hose, plain, carrier, governor weight, cap m.b., head filter lub oil, retainer, tappet, cover, water pump, gasket aft housing, gear, crankshaft, hose flexible, manifold, exhaust, cover, rocker lever, hose flexible, hose, flexible, socket, cam follower, water manifold, cover l.o cooler, gauge sight, cap fuel pump filter, cover, lub oil cooler, connection, sea water, connector, male, cap main bearing, flenge weld, housing and bushing, plunger pressure regulator, cover, water header, spring, gasket oil pan, connection, water outlet, connection, gear lub pump drive, spacer, mounting, disc, clamp injector, screen, filter, shim, fuel pump governor, cover, water header, connection, water bypass, coupling, plain hose, clamp hose, barrel governor, damper fuel pump, bracket, filter, gasket, thermostat housing, spring compression, coupling plain hose, bearing ball, gasket gear cover, connection, water inlet, brack, starting motor, coupling, elbow hose, ring retaining, seal oil, gasket fuel pump, lockwire tpt roller pin, ring retainer, plunger governor, spacer, bearing, clamp filter, washer, spacer bearing, spring, tension, shim, pin, gasket connection, bushing, tube oil transfer, nut, heavy hexagon, spacer, mounting, ring retaining, seal, o ring, lockwire tpt roller pin, busing, reducing pipe, seal o ring, dowel pin, seal rectangular ring, gasket lub pump cover, bushing, reducing pipe, gasket, starter, nipple, plain pipe, gasket water inlet connection, gasket lub oil pump, pin, groove, o ring, shield for shut of valve, gasket fan pilot spacer, spring, gasket connection, spacer, mounting, screw drive, seal rectangular ring, gasket, rocker lever cover, separator, fuel water, kit, coolant test, belt, v, belt, vee, element, air cleaner, element, air cleaner, gasket, heat exchanger, gasket, turbocharger, gasket intake manifold, bearing, thrust, injector, gasket rear oil seal, water temp sensor, element, oil bypass filter, gasket turbocharger, clamp hose, gasket423078, seal water pump, belt, vee, gasket, water pump, impeller, water pump, hose flexible, hose, fuel filter, sensor, pressure, gasket sea water pump,


CTN :22193030 c-icon09 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconNeyveli - Tamil Nadu Tender For supply of rubber disc for flexible coupling, rubber element for 2000mm tf drive, coupling element for rmp- 2500

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22184223 c-icon04 Nov, 2021 19.22 Lacs
l-iconSonitpur - Assam Tender For supply of screw adjust, washer spring, bearing cr pin u/s 0.25, fan plastic, nut, cap/pre cleaner, rain cap, nipple, nut turbo mtg, sensor oil pressure, switch oil pressure, clamp, fan coupling, water temp sensor, washer sealing, packing dust, nut, stud, o ring housing, o ring rotor, head, bracket fuel filter, cylinder head gasket kit, valve intake, exhaust valve, valve cotter, breather assy, gasket, , hose, clamp, dust indicator, element inner be 220, element inner be 220, element outer, element outer be 220, bolt joint, flange turbo, cylinder block gasket kit, bushing cam, cylinder liner, bolt joint, plug drain, sensoir oil level, o ring, brg main one pair std, bearing main one pair u/s 0.25, piston, pin piston, etc.

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22173825 c-icon22 Dec, 2021 NA
l-iconKapurthala - Punjab Tender For supply of high tensile tight lock cbc with aar h type head and balanced draft gear. un-coupling devices and other related components are to be packed separately, as per drawing/spec. :rdso spec. no. rdso/2011/cg-03 rev. 3 without crash element., packing instruction: no special packing required, protection procedure: n.a, quality plan: n.a

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22167786 c-icon02 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconNorth 24 Paragana - West Bengal Tender For supply of spares - shaft seal, end yokezf-210, screen sheet, o ring, shaft sealalt ref 3011/misc/134/e3prov dt mar19, cassette ring zf ser no 260, cassette ring, o ring, hexagon nutzf-290, screen sheet, u ring, u ring zf sl-120, o clutch diskzf wksp manual sheet14, i clutch diskispl-old, vent velve, o ringzf-020, o ring, vent valve, shaft seal, o clutch disc zf sl-100, i clutch disc zf sl-110, u ringsl-120, u ring, o ring zf sl-210, shaft seal, diaphrgm, hex screw, ball bearing, piston ring, central shaft, o ring, o ringzf, retaining ring, i clutch diskzf wksp manual sheet 9 sl no200, o clutch disc, piston ringwksp manual page -63, o ring os sl no-80, o ring, o ring, filter, o ring zf sl-330, spacer ringos sl no-89, o ringos sl no-90, o ring, o ring, ta roller bearing, piston ringispl sl-210, i clutch discwksp manual chapter coupling, o clutch disc zf wksp manual sheet 17 sl no 140, shaft seal zf coupling, shaft seal zf sl-560, shaft seal wksp mnlzf output, out put flange, screen sheetzf sl-200, solenoid valvewksp manual page no 83, solenoid valve, solenoid valve, pumpalt part no ref 3011/misc/134/e3prov mar19, o ringprice list sl-2761, shaft seal, ind transmitter tata jd price list sl no 3700, filter oil, o ring, ring sealing torridal, lub fitting ispl plate-i02, ringplate-a01, cap screw m12x10ispl plate-b01, isolator frontispl plate b01, isolatorispl plate-b01, stop cableb01, reducer elbow hose, elbow hose ispl plate-b03, pre cleanerispl plate-b03, hex screw m10x35, air filter assembly ispl plate-b03, hose clamp/bootispl-b03 & ms-204, t bolt type vacuum indicatormk-i plate-03, washer ispl plate-b12, clamp ispl plate-b04, gasket ms sl-210, radiator315se mk-1 page no-21, oil cooler 315se mk-1 p-21, hose clamp ispl plate-f01, cap screw, hose radiator outerispl plate-b05 p-21, hose radiator inletb05, hydrolic hose ispl plate-b06, o ring ispl plate-j03, o ring ispl plate-f05, clamp ispl plate-b06, sleeve mk-1 p-23 sl no -16, tie bandispl plate-b06, hose, o ring ispl plate-f01, clip, hose ispl plate-b07, o ring ispl plate-f03, o ring, clamp hoseispl plate-b07, o ring ispl plate-f02, elbowos sl no-209, fuel senderispl plate-b07, gasket ispl plate-b07, hose, o ring, grommet/bushingispl plate-b08, springplate-b08,, sl no-10, spring pin, swivelispl plate-b08, push pull cable, bootispl plate-b08, cotter pin tat jd mk-1 page-31, dipstick, gasketplate-c01-03, elbowos sl no-232, hose hyd, o ring, hose hyd, o ring, range selectorc05, switch diff lockispl plate-d02, grommetispl plate-d02, o ringispl plate-f02, hyd hoseplate-d03, kit uj cross universal joint rear, half clampispl plate-d04, special screwplate-d04/04, thrust washerispl plate-e01, thrust washerispl plate-e01, lubrication fittingispl plate-e01, kit u joint, cap screw ms sl-245, sealing sliding yoke ispl plate-e02, o ring ispl plate-f01, suction hose, o ring, hose hydraulic ispl plate-f01, hose hydraulic, spaceros sl no-271, hose/oil line, 4th&5th functionispl plate-f01, hose hydraulic ispl plate-f01, o ring ispl plate-f01, o ring, hydraulic hose ispl plate-f01, hose hydraulic 9ispl plate-f01, o` ring, hyd hose ispl plate-f02, hyd hose, hyd hose ispl plate-f02, hydraulic hose, hyd hose, hyd hose ispl plate-f03, hydraulic hose ispl plate-f03, hyd hosef04, o ring ispl plate-f05, hose ispl plate-f05, oil tube ispl plate-f05, strainerb05, capf05, hose ispl plate-f05, switch ctlg plate-h06, o ring ispl plate-f06, o ring ispl plate-f06, filter element, hyd oilispl plate-f06, oil filter ispl plate-c04, filter airms sl-267, o ringms sl-275, cap screwos sl no-320, seal kitos sl no-321, nutos sl no-322, steering wheel ispl plate-f10, cap screwfig f10, sl no-13, washerplate-g01, mount resilient, isolatorplate-g02, self lock screw, sensor kit seat positioningispl plate-g03, glass-1 tata jd 315v, glass-2 tata jd 315v, front wind glass, lock cover l/h tata jd 315v, bush retainer tata jd 315v os-362, lock nut os-363, door retainer os-365, lock cover r/h tata jd 315v, sliding door, spring bolt assy os-376, bty 12v 140ah/135ah/130ah, battery cable, battery cable, rubber sheet 500, spm circuit breaker 35 ampsctlg plate-h01, hex nut m3os sl no-384, sl ch screwos sl no-385, grommetos sl no-385, combination switch ctlg plate-h02, four chamber tail light ctlg plate-h02, four chabber tail light ctlg plate-h02, head light ctlg plate-h02, wire harness lockctlg plate-h02, switch gear shift lever, boom lock solenoidctlg plate-h02, side shift lick solenoid, wiper motorctlg plate-h02, wiper arm os no 642, fan-12voperator cooling fanos-406, fuse 10 amp mk-i os-412, fuse 15 amp mk-i os-413, fuse 20 ampos sl no-414, piano switch ispl plate-h03, haxard switch ispl plate-h03, light switch ispl plate-h03, turn indicating lamp lhispl plate-h03, turn indicating lamp rh ispl plate-h03, wire harness front console tata jd mark-i, relay starter motorctlg plate-h04, switchalt ref 3011/misc/134/e3prov dt 11.03.19, wire harness engine ispl palte-h04, oil press switchplate-h04, switch trans oil temp, switch pressure ctlg plate-h04, solenoid pump unloadingctlg plate-h04, clip, band250os sl no-434, clip band 140os sl no-435, hornctlg plate-h04, connectorispl mk-1 plate h04/44, connector ispl plate-h04, wire harness transmissionispl plate-h04, connector ispla plate-h04, instrument clusteraltref 3011/misc/134/e3prv03/19, main line switch, time delay release/ park brake switchispl list, starter push button switch ctlg plate-h05, fuse box ctlg plate-h05/05, wire hornessside console tata jd mark-i, electronn flasher kitctlg plate-h05, relayr1ispl plate-h05, relay baseplate-h05, relay wire harnes, wire harness park break, hex nut m6os sl no-454, relay with resistor ispl plate-h05, time delay relay, buzzer ctlg plate-h05, plugos sl no-462, self lock screw, self lock screw, lockos sl no-468, nutos sl no-469, screwos sl no-297, cap screw m12x20os sl no-472, snap spring, washerispl plate-i02, snap ring ispl plate-i02, snap ring ispl plate-i02, washer, screw m20x55 ispl plate-i04, spring washerispl plate-i03, tooth ispl plate-i03, bushing, hyd hose rh ispl plate-i05, hydrolic hose lh ispl plate-i05, washeros sl no-4, elbow fitting mk 1, hyd hose, hyd hose lh ispl plate-i05, hydrolic hose rhispl plate-i05, spring locking pin, boot ispl plate-i07, shim ctlg plate-i09, washer, snap ring, bushing ctlg plate-i09, stop ispl part list-127, snap ring ctlg plate-i10, spacer, wear plate, bushing ctlg plate-i12, bushing ispl plate-i10, shim ispl plate-k03, pin ispl plate-k04, tooth, bushing, bushing ctlg plate-i13, seal ctlg plate-i13, seal dustctlg plate-i13, snap ring, washer bottom sliding frame, washer top swing frame, snap ringplate-j01, guide ispl plate-j02, hose hydraulic ctlg plate-j03, hose hydraulictata jd 315se plate :j03, hyd hose ctlg plate-j03, hose hydraulicplate-j03, hose ctlg plate-j04, o ringplate-j04, hyd hose ctlg plate-j04, hose ctlg plate-j04, hose ctlg plate-j04, nutos sl no-568, hose ctlg plate-j04, adapterj04, spring ctlg plate-j04, hydraulic hose ctlg plate-j05, hydraulic hose ctlg plate-j05, hydraulic hose ctlg plate-j06, hydraulic hose ctlg plate-j06, hydraulic hoseispl old, hose hydraulic ctlg plate-j07, hose hydraulic ctlg plate-j07, hose hydraulic, hose hydraulic ctlg plate-j07, hose, hose ctgl plate-j07, hose ctlg plate-j07, hydrolic hose ctlg plate-j08, hydraulic hose ctlg plate-j09, hydraulic hose ctlg plate-j09, hydrolic hose ctlg plate-j10, cap screwos sl no-594, clampos sl no-595, hydraulic hosectlg plate-j10, clampos sl no-598, knob ctlg plate-j10, snap ring, isolatorctlg plate-j12, seal, o ring, touch switch, stop light, hose hydraulic, seal, o ring, o ring ctlg plate-j18, wiperos sl no-620, seal os sl no-621, steering cylinderos sl -622, rep satzos sl no-623, kit seal ctlg plate-j32, kit seal ctlg plate-j33, kit seal ctlg plate-j34, cylinder, slew cylinder, kit seal, seal kit ctlg plate-j36, seal kit ctlg plate-j37, bucket backhoe cylinderfig-j38, kit seal ctlg plate-j38, support, eng gasket kit, washer 18x22 cu, gasket, cylinder liner 497tc p-08, hex screw m6x12table 1.01, sl no-60, 497 tc engin, valve guide seat exhaust, cylinder head gasket497tc p-16, washer 8x14, bare piston set std w/o ring 16 item 1set 497tc, ball bearing 6204, locking ring crank shaft, locking plate, assy connecting rod, connecting rod bush std i, rong gear new, sealing ring half 497tc p-8, camshaft bearing no 2, 3, intel valve, exhaust valve, seal clamp, hollow screw, assy fuel linefeed pump to filter, assy fuel iner, pipe union both lo, sealing washer 14x18 a1, fine paper filter mico, pre paper filter, sealing washer, piston ring set std 04 items 1 set, exhaust manifold, rubber hose lg 72, turbo charger, hose tc outlet 497 tc p-72, assy strainer oil pump, assy sealing ring, gasket washer oil cooler cover, lock plate, v belt cogged 1450mm long 497tc p-110, assy thermostat, rubber bellow upper cooling water line to thermos, rubber hose radiator to thermostat, rubber hose, assy fan, water pump repair kitmajor 497tc p-114 sl-t20.1, mufflerispl plate-b04, bolt, gasket ring, hose for assy over flow line 160 mm lg, assy over flow valve ispl 497tc -fuel injection p, assy over flow line combined, spring, bolt banjo leak off pipe, bearing bush, gasket ispl 497tc-governor sl no141, assy feed pump, plunger spring, valve ispl 497tc -feed pump, spring, closing plug, o ring ln housing, hand priming ispl 497tc-feed pump, sealinf ring for 14 & 19, sealing ring for 4 mico, solenoid switch, oil seal, bearing bush, bush set table 15.2, assy brush carrier table-15.2, sl-27, 497tc, assy field coil, assy armature, bush c e bearing table 15.2, sl no-32, 497tc, pulley, d e ball bearing, assy stator, assy rotor, sre ball bearing, assy rectifiertable-15.3, sl no-24, 497tc, air filter assy, cap screw, m10x 35ispl plate-b03, air filter assembly ispl plate-b03, clamp, hose reducer mk-1 p-15 & 497tc p-118, elbow hose ispl plate-b03, exhaust elbow casting, assy water pump, fine paper filter, for tata jd

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22147158 c-icon20 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconBardhaman - West Bengal Tender For supply of spares for roto make r 10 d pump. - barrel r 10 d.qty-02nos. 2. end cover.qty- 02nos. 3. rotor double stage.qty- 02nos. 4. shaft.qty- 02nos. 5. pumping element.qty- 01no. 6. coupling.qty

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22146209 c-icon20 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconPatna - Bihar Tender For procurement of hydraulic spares - bi-metal thermometer with thermowll, level switch: mag.cpld.float, throttle valve ndvp-dn16, hy check valves, hy-check valve, filter element, plug in connector: 3p z4m gr spez;rexrot, rexroth:pilot opt dchqv/v:sl10pa1-4x, hy- check valve, flow control valve, flow control valve, pressure relief vlv rexroth dbds, poppet valve for cw bfv solenoids s5, plug in connector type z4, flow control valve, hose coupling, 1050tph:return line filter, filter element, flow control valve, hy-manifold block, minimess hose sms -20 1000a for p/f, accumulator charging valve, measuring connector, control panel, pr.transdcr, model: hm17-1x/315-c/v0/0, 2.5ad13:adapter, cw disch.v/v:plug in connector:4p e11541, accumulator, hy-check valve, control cover, control cover, logic cartridge valve, clogging indicator, logic cartridge valve, logic cartridge valve, logic cartridge valve, logic cartridge valve, poppet valve: m-3sew 6 u3x/420mg24n9k4/v, control cover, dc valve, servo valve, servo valve, sol.valve: 4 we 6 h6x/eg24n9k4; rexroth, directional spool valve:r983030941, directional spool valve:r983031147, pressure reducing valve:r900926984, directional spool valve:r983031130, hy check valve:r900420531, hy-check valve:r900422881, direction cntrl v/v:3we6 b 6x/e g24 n9k4, pressure relief valve-r983038081, hydac:fltr element:0330r020p, pressure line filter:df bn/hc60 qe 10d1, pr.switch: 0-350 bar, blind type, 1/2bsp, gauge isolator valve af6ea4x/x, sol.v/v, , flow contrl, rexroth:pilot check v/v:sl10pa1-4x, rnumber, sov rexorth, for st 2 turbine, wagon tippler and cwpumps

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22138547 c-icon02 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconRamachandrapuram - Andhra Pradesh Tender For supply of lop [email protected], 30kw mtr, coplg, shim, lop assy650lpm, 9bar with coupling, set of screw 650lpm, 9bar, set of insert for pump 650lpm, 9kg, set of flexible element for coupling, set of bearing for de of pump, set of bearing for nde of pump, mech seal assly with slleve & gland plt, spof mech seal-seal facesstary+ rotary, spof mech seal-gasket, o-ring, packingin, sp of mech seal-springs & pins, screws, gaskets & o rings set for lop 650 lpm, setof term. block+ cover+ screw of30kw mtr, set of cooling fan for 30kw mtr, setof bearingsde+ nde for 30kw lop mtr

State Government

CTN :22131181 c-icon26 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconUdhamsign Nagar - Uttaranchal Tender For sale of unused items – tractor, rajdoot motorcycle, mounted leveler light, harrow, diesel pump, one way harrow, cage wheel, sprayer tank, jack, harrow, drill machine, hand driven mower, grease gun, steel plate, kv harrow, pot stand, cultivator garden, hazara with shower, foot pump, typewriter, exhaust fan, aspee spray gun with ass., bucket iron, lopper, tractor mount sprayer plastic tank, diesel pump set, harrow trailing type, grass cutter, seed drill, tanker, scraper, dunnlop, cage wheel, patellar, leveler, welding machine, mountain harrow, diesel pump, harrow, cultivator, valve guide, lulet valve, valve cover, push rod, valve tappet, piston ring, butlers, tension spring, tr ret fuel, hose, section tube, hose, section tube, disengaging big, spring, radiator hose, ring, ext. clip, break lining, wheel cyl repair kit, locking washer, ring nut, oil seal, thrust bearing, ring, pivot assy, oil seal, tight nut, lh – rh head, rubber dumper, oil seal, oil pressure pipe, fuel filter, cp assy kit, cyl head gasket, eoh gasket, engine valve kit, engine valve guide, cr bush, mb kit, be kit, thrust bearing, rear main oil seal, oil seal, mobil oil filter, delivery hose wing nut, cutter pin for crank lever, gasket, blower cupling nut, oil spoon, filter hose cap, axle, travel limiter, crank lever, body assly, valve pin plug, packing retainer collar, valve pin, gland nut, spring, opining lever, pressure vessel brass ring, plug, washer upper valve spring, gland nut washer, upper valve, gland packing, gasket, ball joint, upper valve spring, upper valve pin spring, boom union, gasket for plug, gasket, piston check nut, tiller hole filter, valve box brass ring, operating handle, cutter pin metal washer, nozzle cap, air cleaner assly, lower link ball, fuel assly, hose pipe, spring cap, cup leather, strain tube, nozzle dise, nozzle cap gasket, nozzle cap, gland nut, connecting rod, lever connecting pin, valve hosing union, cone nozzle, barrel cup, stainer, buster jet- arm, stainer cover, adopter, stainer element, gasket, valvem deaphram upper valve, deaphram, adjusting screw, fuel tank cap gasket, air inlet tube, filter hole stainer, stainer bolt, wheel valve, booster, section hose pipe, dynamo end plate, bush spindle, dip stick oil gauge, gear box spring and ball, gear box packing, bearing, bearing outer, cup front wheel, seal f/w old, lever rod assly hydrolic repair kit, front hub, seal pto, bush centre pin, bearing rear axel, seal front wheel hub, spindle washer, cup, hose fuel, steering wheel assly, clamp radiator clip, hose fuel retmp, arm stearing spindle, shaft, injection pipe, radiator hose, fuel top, hose, cluch pendle, hose, tank, seal staring arm, front bearing, coupling diesel pump, front bearing outer, seal break paddle, spring rear axil, spring, seal, high pressure pipe, head light bulb, washer spindle, tube bulb, nut spindle, hose air cleaner, spring base presser plat, hose air cleaner, beating, air breather, air breather, seal front wheel, chain control, bushing sell, tube assly, oil pressure pipe, lock, chuck nut, clains chain, nut, hose pipe kite, bolt rear axel – wheel, oil filter hmt, caller nca, clamp assy along link, radiator cap, boul glass, seal, cap, clamp, spindle spring, hydrolic pin, road assy hinge, banjo bolt, nut, ford, seating, over flow pipe, gaskit, roker arm assly, oil presser pipe, anchor, bushing break, nut bolt, bearing clutch paddle, oil presser pipe, pipe oil pump, water pump gange, spring redol/rotun, sleve set, tube assly, clamp assly, nut, stearing oil filter, clutch repair kit, pipe air clamp, clamp, pin control chain, frunt hub seal ford, elbow hyd, bolt r rod, fuel filter, bush hyd, seal staring, bush staring assly, spaire, presser plate, disc, gaskit, spair kit, bearing, microscope, slide scope micro, physical balance, thermos, slide boxes wooden empty, brass scrap, iron tray, belcham, typerigher, iron plate, spray, spade, chair, stool, cultivator fall, plate, tub, board, iron net, rack wood, tailer, wooden cupboard, iron cupboard, old scrpe, type, mobile oil etc

Central Government And Public Sector

CTN :22128635 c-icon29 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconTuticorin - Tamil Nadu Tender For supply of flexible dry type complete coupling between for mdbfp motor to booster pump coupling type : 8hb 14/150, set of disc pack element blade assembly with fasteners for tdbfp gear box to booster pump coupling as per drg.no r/hs-6093/0
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