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Adsorbent Kit Tenders

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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22220834 c-icon30 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconAmritsar - Punjab Tender For supply of surf excel detergent powder, wheel detergent powder, phool broom, stainless steel safety razor, vim dish washing bar, talcum powder, dimensions, floor pocha cloth, kitchen cloth cleaning duster cloth, air freshener, naphthalene balls white, air freshener, material of container- hard paper, dettol natural soap, rin laundry soap, surf excel laundry soap, lifebuoy soap, coconut broom with coir strips, white bleaching powder toilet cleaning, sodium hypochlorite, toilet brush, vim bar liquid, steel wool, lizol, colin with inbuilt spray device, toilet urinal freshener, disinfectant fluids phenolic, grass destroy round up, hit insecticidal space spray, odomos mosquito repellant cream tube, allethrin mosquito coils, all out mosquito repellant type-liquid vaporizer, phenyl black, dettol plastic dispenser liquid hand wash, toilet cleaner liquid, toilet cleaner liquid, aluminum handle wiper base frame, dettol antiseptic liquid, dettol hand wash pouch, all out mosquito machine with repellant, broom stick

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22217926 c-icon06 Nov, 2021 20.00 Lacs
l-iconAmbikapur - Chhattisgarh Tender For supply of grocery and hygine items - baking soda, black pepper, black salt, cardamom big, cardamom small, bay leaves, cinnamon stick, coriander, cumin, dry chilli, fennel, fenugreek, mustard, ajwain, raisins, tamarind seedless, raita bondi, asafetida, papad, salt lodized, pickle, dhaniya powder, garam masala, haldi powder, mirch powder, chicken masala, kashiri lal mirchi powder, chana masala powder, rajma masala, chole masala, jeera powder, sambhar masala, black pepper powder, panipuri masala, chat masala, tomato sauce, chilly sauce, soya sauce, coffee, tea leaf, jam, mariyal chura, khopra, magaz, bourn vita, boost, biscuit/cakes/namkeen, refined oil, vanaspati ghee, vermicelli, noodeles chowmin, pochha brush, broom soft, broom stick wiper, toilet bruch, toilet cleaner, detergent powder, toilet freshener, dust collector plastic, jhala, napthaline balls, liquid soap handwash with sidpenser, white chuna, utensil washing powder, scruber, hand wash, fabric stain remove, room freshner, paper napkins, disposable plates, disposable glass, disposable tea glass, disposable plates, disposable katori, disposable spoon, aluminium foil, cling film, garbage bag

State Government

CTN :22218768 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconGolaghat - Assam Tender For supply of non dietray articles - lime slaked, lime umslaked, lime brush, bambo jati, bambo bhuloka, washing soda isi, washing soap, toilet soap, g.i. wire, torch bettary everyday, led bulb 9 & 15 wt., led buld ac&dc, bulb 100 wtbajaj/philips, torch3 cells, stapler big/small size, stapler pin big/small size, correction pen, tooth paste 50 gm, tooth brash, playing card excellent, coconut oil shalimaar, full scape paper best quality, dfc paper 65x40cm hpc, carbon paper kores, file board with cover, gum liquid 750 ml., baygon spray 5 ltr tin, baygon spray pump, led tube light complete set, phenyle, stamp pad, computer paper a4, computer paper legal, electric pendent holder, flexible wire, tube light frame philips, tag cotton, alpin 100 pin king, stamp pad ink, black toner cartrige, inkjet ink black/color, carrom board, volley ballcosco, badminton racket, badminton shuttle, badminton net, volley ball net, chess board, ludu, carrom men, harpic big size, odonil, brooms 250 gms, pen red & blue, envelopdifferent sizes, wax candle, filter candle, jonson baby oil 50ml, jonson baby powder 100gm, jonson baby cream100 gm, jonson baby hair oil 100ml, toilet brush, pad lock different size, table cloth 4x6, curtains doors & windos, towel big& small, tea set, tea spoon, under group e for the financial year 2021-22

Central Government And Public Sector

CTN :22207400 c-icon25 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconSilvassa - Dadra And Nagar Haveli Tender For supply of thermal scanner lm-32c hm1200c lcd, dm hand sanitizer 500ml liquid base sanitizer with dispencer, aarogyam hand sanitizer 5 ltr can, neptune sanitizer spray machine disinfection of building, sodium hydrochlorite 5ltr, safeu hand sanitizer gel based 500ml with pump and aloevera, mask, hand gloves, face shield, air freshener 300 ml liquid spray type, floor cleaning duster, hard broom 350 gms, soft broom 300 gms, khujori broom, dettol soap bar, napkin turkish, naphthalene ball, nirma detergent powder, plastic bucket 5 lit, plastic tumbler, liquid hand wash bottle, towel turkish big full size, toiletvacuum pump color medium rubber gutka, toilet brushveni brush--1, harpics power bluetoilet cline 500 ml, sunny phenyl bottle 500 ml, stainless steel knife, door met green colour rubber type size:-2ft x 3 ft per no., chindhi cotteon waste for cleaning, santoor liquid hand wash 500 ml, pedent holder backalite type 6a-240v best quality anchor or its equivalent, piano type fuse indicator 5a-230v best quality anchor or its equivalent, mcb distribution board with mcb couple four way with natural link complete set 32 amps, domestic type five in one 6 &16 a switch socket combined with fuse & indicator with junction box jainex or its equivalent, miniture circuit breaker mcb 10amp single, 2.5 sq.mm.copper conductor standard pvc insulated industrial cable/ wire multistrand 91mtr long per coil rr kabel, 1.5mm sq. four core pvc flexible cable copper conductor 1.1kv conferming to is:694/1990 national or finolax or rr cable or its equivalent, 2.5mm sq. four core pvc flexible cable copper conductor 1.1kv conferming to is:694/1990 national or finolax or rr cable or its equivalent, screw nettel fold, insulation tape steelgrip 3/4 flat, capicitor 2.5ufd microferod running 440 vac for ceiling fan epcos or its equivalent, bar conductor open wire alluminium 8 swg, electric bell buzzer type for practical of electrician & wireman tradebest quality anchor or its equivalent, pvc casing caping 1 flat 02 mtr long per piece for wiring practical best quality, ms flate 65mm x 10 mm x 2mtr long per piece 40 mtr, ms round bar 32 mm diameter x 2 mtr long per piece 20 mtr, oil hp hdx 20w40 multigrade engine oil 210 litre per drum, battery 12 volts as per sample of minimum 60 months warranty amron or its equivalent for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, wheel bearing grease 1/2kg tin castol brand or its equivalent, omni patch for puncture tube small patch reparing for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, tubeless tyre reparing kit for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, tyre pressure guage with holding nipple and different attachments for practical training purpose to the trainees of mmv trade, emery cloth paper rough as per sample, white cotton waste 200gm per packet for automobile workshop, washing soap rin supreme -75gm cake per no., cotton nevy blue cloth aprons as per the sample with marking of emblem of iti silvassa for trainees size:-62” & 64” longincluding cloth & stitching charges, tere cotton cloth overcoat as per sample/size of concerned technical staff of govt.iti silvassa as per enclosed list. sample must be approved before supply., gents pent & shirtfull sleeve with stitching charges. pent is of cotton & shirt is of terecotton cloth of white colour for gents class iv staff of iti silvassa., ladies saree& blouse & petticoat with cloth & stiching charges saree is of polyster & blouse &petticoat is of terecotton cloth for ladies class iv staff of iti silvassa. , first aid kit as per sample’bigkit complete in stainless steel box. standerd kit with the validity of two years of all medicenes, fault simulation training module for the mpfi petrol engine.

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22189995 c-icon25 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconHyderabad - Andhra Pradesh Tender For supply of chunna, toilet cleaning acid, bathroom commode cleaner liquid, floor cleaner flavored, phenyl, hand wash, room freshener, air freshener blocks solid, colin, toilet cleaning brush, broom hard, broom soft, mop, wiper, washing powder, brass cleaner, sanitizer, cleaning cloth, paint brush, color chalk, cd mailer cover, snowcem white, snowcem red, teracotta, freshmatic automatic spray air wick, white paint, red paint, black paint, blue paint, thinner.


CTN :22181667 c-icon04 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconBulandshahr - Uttar Pradesh Tender For supply of washing powder, liquid detergent, liquid blue and descal –osd-ogr
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