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Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22230419 c-icon28 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconRanchi - Jharkhand Tender For procurement of medicines and consumables - povidone- iodine germicide gargle 2% w/v bott of 100 ml, ofloxacin 0.3% bott of 5 ml, xylometazoline hcl 0.05% w/v nasal solution for paed use bott of 10ml, mometasone nasal spray 50 mcg, 140 metered doses, promethazine 1.5 mg/5ml + pholcodine 1.5 mg/5 ml bott of 60 ml, itopride 50mg, tab hydroxychloroquine 400mg, mdi levosalbutamol 50 mcg 200 doses with dose counter, promethazine hcl 25 mg tab, tramadol hcl 50 mg cap/tab, tramadol hcl 50mg/ml inj, 1 ml amp, febuxostat 40 mg tab, iso-propanol 60-65% and benzalkonium chloride skin disinfectant, 63gm/0.025 gm in 100 gm, ethylene oxide gas cartridge, diclofenac sodium suppository 100 mg, ibuprofen syrup 100 mg/5ml bott of 50 ml, vascular/cord clamp klik clamp, lidocaine topical aerosol spray 10%, bott of 50 ml, inj mephentermine inj mephentine, neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates and bacitracin zinc powder bott of 10 gm, polypropylene mesh 6 cm x 11 cm box of 6, stain methylene blue, thyroxine sodium 0.025 mg tab, cot finger splint, tab/cap dicyclomine 10mg, cabergoline 0.5 mg, tab, antimicrobial hand gel containing ethyl alcohol 60% + cyclomethicone c12-15 alkyl lactate + cetyl lactate + phenoxyethanol + stearyl alcohol with moisturizer sterillium, ketamine hcl 50 mg/ml, 2 ml inj, vasopressin 20 units/ml inj, 1ml ampoule, levetericetam 500 mg, tab, sitagliptin 50 mg tab, promethazine hcl 2.5%, 25mgm/ml, 2 ml inj, ondansetron 8 mg tab, dexamethasone 0.5 mg tab, disposable nebulizer mouth piece, mask, channel tube & cup., secnidazole 1 gm tab, topiramate 25 mg tab, for mh namkum


CTN :22231384 c-icon08 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconThiruvananthapuram - Kerala Tender For supply of veterinary medicines - inj thiamine hcl 50 mg, vit b6 50 mg, vit b12 500 mcg30 ml vials, inj ceftriaxone sodium 4 gmtazobactam 500 mg 4.5gm vial with water for inj 20mlwith18g needle, inj ceftriaxone sodium 500 mg tazobactam 62.5 mg500 mg vials with water for inj, syringe 21g needle, inj elemental iron50mg, folic acid500mcg,, hydroxy cobalamine50mcg10ml, inj ethamsylate 125mg /ml2 ml ampoules, inj imidocarb120mg/ml10 ml, inj isofluperidone 2mg/ml10ml, inj ondansetron hydrochloride 4mg/2ml2ml ampoule, tab pantaprozole-20 mgstrips of 10, inj tetanus toxoid adsorbed0.5 ml ampoules/ vials, inj sodium acid phosphate 40.3% w/v30 ml, liquid albendazole 2.5 % w/v1 ltr bottle, tab albendazole 750mgstrip of 4, inj:ceftiofur sodium:1gm 1gm vial, inj amoxycillin 200 mg &sulbactum 100 mg300 mg vials& sterile water for injection, tab amoxycillinandclavulanic acid500mg strip of 10, tab:cefpodoxime proxetil:200mg & potassium clavulanate:125mg, bolus containing ofloxacin 1000mg, ornidazole 2500mgstrip of 4 bolus, propoxer 1mg shampoo15gm sachet, inj buparvaquone 50mg, frusemide:55mg/ml30ml, inj calcium boro gluconate 25%w/v450ml, inj calcium borogluconte1.86%w/v, magnesiumhypophosphite5%w/v, dextrose anhydrous 20%w/v450ml, oral liquid containing alpha amylase50mg, papaine6mg, cinnamon oil0.4mg, dil oil0.05ml, fennel oil0.00354ml30ml, tab cefpodoximeproxetil 200 mgstrip of 10, tab containing cephalexin 300 mgstrip of 7 tabs, bolus cetrizine hydrochloride 50mgstrip of 4, bolus ciprofloxacin 2.5gstrip of 4 bolus, ciprofloxacin 0.3 %with dexamethazone eye drops 15ml, clobetasole 0.025% ofloxacin 0.1% miconazole nitrate zinc sulphate p-chlorocresol ointment20 gm tube, inj cloprostenol sodium 263 mcg/ml2ml, compound fish oil containing vit a 7000 iu/ml, omega 3 fatty acid, vitd3 700iu/mlwith soyaoil400ml, liquid cypermethrin high-cis 10% e c w/w1 litre, suspension of pyrantel pamoate14.4mg, febantel 15mg/ml, praziquantel 5mg15ml, dextrose 25 % w/vinjectable solution500 ml bottle, dextrose 5 % w/vsodium chloride 0.9 %w/vinjectable solution500 ml bottle, tab doxycycline 300mgstrip of10, ear drops containing ofloxacin 0.3%w/v, clotrimazole1% w/v, betamethazone dipropionate0.025%w/v15ml, tab enrofloxacin 150 mgstrip 0f10, inj enrofloxacin 100 mg/mllong acting for i/v use 10% w/v, benzyl alcohol 20mg.100ml, oral solution containing enrofloxacin 100 mg/ ml1 litre bottle, bolus fenbendazole 1500mgstrip of2, tab fenbendazole 150mgstrip of 10 tablets, ointment gamma benzene hexa chloride ip 0.1 % w/vproflavinhemisulphate 0.1 %w/vcetrimide bp 0.45 % w/v 30 gm, liquid gluconeogenic precursors fortified with b-complex vitamins & minerals1litre bottle, chelated mineral mixture of vitamin a 7 lac, vitamin d 3 70000 iu, vitamin e250 mg,, nicotinamide1gm copper 1200mg, cobalt 150mg, magnesium 6gm, iron 1.5gm, zinc 9600mg iodine 325mg selenium 10mg manganese 105gm calcaum 25.5% phosphorus 12.75% sulphur 0.72%, sodium 5.9mg, potassium 100mg/kg1kg, inj buserline acetate 0.0042mg/ml10ml, dha 1mg, malt extract4.52gm, calcium gluconate360mg, ferric ammonium citrate, 300mg, copper sulphate100mg, cobalt chloride1.5mg liquid500gm, hmtba 40%, hmtbazn2.4%, cu0.75%, mn0.6%, selenium 1mg, biotine 2%powder20gm, nitrofurazone 60mg, metranidazole100mg,, urea 6gm, povidone iodine60mg pessarystrip of4, intra mammary preparation containing procaine penicillin g:100000 iu, steptomycin sulphate:100mg, sulfa merazine:500mg, hydro cortisone acetate:29mg/6ml tube, anionic feed supplement powder 10*90 gm, inj ivermectin 1%w/v10ml, tab ivermectin 10mgstrip of 10 tablets, tab ketoconazole200mgstrip of10, liquid disinfectant containing gluteraldehyde 10g, 1, 6 dihydroxy 2, 5 dioxyhexane 10.3 g, polymethyl urea derivatives 4.6g5 lire jar, tab ondansetron 4mgstrip of 6, gamabenzenexexachloride 0.1%proflavine hemisulphate0.1%cetrimide, eucalyptus oil, turpentineoil, neemoil- aerosol spray 50ml, mchccalcium165mg, phospherous75mg, vit d3 500iu/gm- granules 2kg, inj meloxicam 5mg/ml100ml, inj meloxicam 20 mg/ml100ml, inj:pheniramine maleate:22.75mg/ml10ml, inj dexamethasone 4.4mg/ml5ml, multi action skin ointment containing indradaru 5mg, tiritak1.5mg25 gm tube, tab:metronidazole 400mgstrips of 10s, powder neomycin 3%, oxytetracyclinehcl3%, aminoacids5%, vitamina10 lakh, vit k3 3750mg50 gm, ointment aceclofenac1.5%w/w, linseedoil3%w/w, methylsalicylate10%w/w, menthol55w/w, capsaicin0.01%w/w in gelbase30gm tube iodine ointment 10%menthol 1%, coccos nucifera 15ml1 kg, suphur ointment 10%with karinjaoil 1000 ml, inj oxytetracycline dihydrate 100mg/ml30ml, bolus paracetamol 1500, melxicam100mgstrip of 4, calcium propionate 480mg, methionine 40mg250 mg cobalt gluconate 0.32mcg, vitamin b6 ip0.32mg, dextrose anhydrous 428mg rumenotoric powder 125 g sachet, tab praziquintal 50 mg, pyrantel pamoate 144 mg fenbendazole 500 mgstrip of 4 tablets, tab ketoprofen 150mgstrips of 10s, inj ranitidine 50mg/2ml2ml vial, respiratory tonic containing ammonium chloride mulethi, vasaka, tulasi300ml, ringer lactate for intra venous infusion500 ml bottle, bolus sachhaomyces cervisie25*10cfu, lactobasillus sporogens25*10cfu, dlmethionine500mgstrip of 6, rumenotoric bolus containing l sporogenes 2mcfu, l-boulardil 1mcfu, l-acidophilus 1.5mcfu, live east culture 3gm, ginger powder 100mg, liver extract 5mg, dl-methionine 100mg, l-lysine 170mg amylase 1500fccu, cellulase 3500cmcu, xylanase 2000fccu, papain1500fccustrips of 4s, bolus containg sulpha diazine2000mg trimethoprim400mg strips of 4s, antiflatulent oral susp:simethicone 400mg, magnesiumhydroxide300, aluminiumhydroxide300mgsorbitol100mg,, dil oil 50mg100 ml, tetracycline hydrochloride50mg/gmpowder100 gm, liquid tricholine citrate 1500mg/10ml, proteinhydroselate100mg, 1litre, haemostatic tab containing tranexamic acid 500mgstrips of 10s, uterine cleanser containing tundikeri5g, tankan2gms, upkunchika2gms/100ml500ml, oral liquid containing vit:a 20000iu, vit:d 10000, vit:e 50mg100 ml, pyrogen free water for inj10ml, bolus enrofloxacin 1500mgstrips of 4`s, inj chlorpheniramine maleate 10mg/ml100ml, bolus dried yeast 150mg, zinc 45mg, copper 124mg, cobalt 18mg, iron 150mg, magnesium 12mg, iodine 38mg, selenium 0.9mg, manganese 100mg, calcium 55mg, phosphorus 25mg fortified with herbal ingredients/bolus.strips of 4*5, inj gentamicin 40mg/ml100ml, inj procain penicillin g bp 30lac penicillin g sodium 10lac streptomycin sulphate bp 5 gm/vial5gm vial, inj metronidazole 500 mg/ 100 ml100ml bottles, syrup amoxycillin 250 mg60mlbottles, intra-uterine solution containing levofloxacin 20 mg, ornidazole 40 mg, alpha tocopherol 5mg/ml60mlbottles, tab clindamycin 150 mgstripts of 10, meloxicam chewable tab 2.5 mg1*10tab, oral gel containing propylene glycol propionic acid, niacin choline cobalt magnesium, vitamin a, vitamin d3, vitamin e, and vitamin b12, 250ml gel, oral gel containing calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, cobalt, thiamin, niacin, panthothenic acid, pyridoxine, vit a, d3, e.250ml gel, powder sulpha quinoxaline 18.7 gm + diaveridine 3.3 gm100gm, inj tolfenamic acid 40 mg /ml100ml vials, inj clindamycin 150 mg/ml2ml ampoule, inj thiamine hcl 10 mg, riboflavin 3mg, niacinamide 100mg, vit:b12 10mcg, crude liver extract 0.66ml/ml100ml, inj diminazine aceturate 70mg, phenazone 375mg/ml90ml, inj sodium chloride ip 0.9% w/v500ml, inj vit: a 2.5lac iu, vit:d3 25000 iu, vit: e 100iu, biotin 12.5mcg/ml5ml, inj doramectin 10mg/ml10ml, for thiruvallam veterinary hospital

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22230509 c-icon09 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconNew Delhi - Delhi Tender For procurement of nephrology consumables - hemodialyser fx 80 for fresenious 5008 hd m, sterile ultrasound probe cover / endoscope camera cover, part a can for bibag 10 ltr, hemodialysis triple lumen catheter straight adult with insertion set complete. with third port for injections12 f16 cm. dilators 12 f & 9f.ptfe/ nitinol coated j tip guide wire on loader 0.035 x 50 cm. intoducer needle straight 18g x 70 mm. guidewire insertion syringe. tegaderm patch. disposable syringes 5 ml each with 23 g needle. scalpel blade no 11. sterile drape & gauge pads. usfda aprroved., aerosol spray dressing containing poluvinyl polymer upto 3% w/w local anaesthetic upto 3% cetrimide upto 3% non cfc propellent nontoxic perfume optional packed in spray cap, hydrophilic coated guide wires suitable for negotiating tortuous vascular anatomy with j curve tip of 0.018 diameter and 150 cms length tal palindrome emerald heparin coated pemacath for hemodialysis 19/ 23cms complete kit with venatrac over the wire insertion sylet, flowgaurd 16 f valved pull apart safety sheath, bifurcated tunneler, tissue dilator, inj sealing cap, 18 g introducer needl, tal palindrome ruby antimicrobial pemacath for hemodialysis assorted 19 cms/23 complete kit with venatrac over the wire insertion sylet, flowgaurd 16 f valved pull apart safety sheath, bifurcated tunneler, tissue dilator, inj sealing cap, 18 g introduce, tal palindrome sapphire heparin coated antimicrobial pemacath for hemodialysis 19cm/23 cms complete kit with venatrac over the wire insertion sylet, flowgaurd 16 f valved pull apart safety sheath, bifurcated tunneler, tissue dilator, inj sealing cap, 18 g, minicaps for peritoneal dialysis

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22183691 c-icon03 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconJabalpur - Madhya Pradesh Tender For supply of petri dishes non vented radiation sterile, accupipet-variable volume pipette, t 10 ml, macro tip box, 18 places, 10 ml 2 boxes per pack, macro tips, 10 ml 100 tips per pack, polygrid test-tube stand 4 stand per pack, 3, 5-dinitrosalicylic acid extrapure ar, guaiacol extra pure, ashby’s glucose agar, rose bengal chloramphenicol agar m640, r2a agar me962 -, mycostatin nystatin - 1 vl x 5, freeze tag, white dots, freeze tag, white label, fluorescein diacetate, fluorescein sodium salt

State Government

CTN :22174452 c-icon29 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconDehradun - Uttaranchal Tender For purchase of medicine - 2-deoxy-dglucose2-dg sachets, aerocort inhaler, aerosol spray, aluminium hydroxide gel ip 250mg+magnesium hydroxide ip 250mg simithicone methylpolysiloxane ip 50mg, anti drh blood grouping serum, asthalin inhaler, asthalin inhaler pump, atropine eye ointment 1% 3gm, atropine sulphate ophthalmic solution 1% 5ml, bacitracin 400iu + neomycin 3400iu + polymyxin b 5000iu-20g, bacitracin 400iu + neomycin 3400iu + polymyxin b 5000iu-5g, bacitracin oint 1mg, barium sulphate suspension 100%, 500ml, beclometasone 0.025% w/w + neomycin 0.5% w/w + clotrimazole 1% w/w-15g, benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel, 15gm, budesonide nebulizer suspension 0.25mg/ml, buprenorphine patch, buprenorphine patch, calcium & vitamin d3 suspension 250mg + 125 iu, 200ml, cap amphotericin, cap azathioprine 50mg, cap clindamycin 100mg + clotrimazole 100mg + tinidazole 100mg, cap cyclosporin 25 mg, cap danazol 50 mg, cap diacerein 50mg + glucosamine 750mg, cap dipin 5mg, cap fenofibrate 200 mg, cap ferrous fumarate 350mg, vit-c 150mg, vit b12-15mcg, folic acid 1.5mg, cap fluoxetine 40mg, cap iron & vitamin c 500mg, cap isavuconazole, cap lyco pene 10000mcg, cap lyco pene 5000mcg, cap oseltamivir 45 mg each capsule contains oseltamivir phosphate equivalent to oseltamivir 45mg, cap trimetacizine cr 60mg, cap trimetazidine 60mg sr, cap vitamin 400mg, cap vitamin a 25000iu, carbolic acid, carbolic acid 100g, cefixime oral susp drops 50mg/ml, chloramphenicol 10mg + dexamethasone 1mg + polymyxin b 10000iu-5g, chlorhexidine gluconate solution: 1.5% v/v +cetrimide solution: 3.0% w/v savlon 1ltr, chlorhexidine lignocaine gel, chlorhexidine mouthwash bp 0.20%, chlorhexidine scrub, citric acid 400gm, clindamycin 1% cream, clotrimazole ip 1%w/vin propylene glycol & glycerin -15ml, concentrated haemodialysis fluid b.p, cough syp- cough supprasant codiene based, cough syp-bronchodilators salbutamol+ambroxol, desensitizing tooth gel with sod. mono fluoro phosphate & pot. nitrate 0.7%+ 5%, desmopressin spray, diclofenac transdermal patch, diltiazem ointment 2%, distilled water 5 ltr, domperidone suspension 5 mg/ 5ml, dpi salbutamol, dpi salbutamol 100mcg + ipratropium bromide 40mcg, ear wax solvent, 10ml, entergermina, estriol cream 15gm 1mg, eusol solution 100ml, eye drop nepafenac, eye ointment moxifloxacin, fentanyl patch, fluticasone cream 0.05 w/w, formaldehyde solution, formoterol & budesonide rotacap 6 mcg+ 200 mcg, glutaraldehyde solution 2%, glutaraldehyde 2.45% w/v, aqueous base q.s., glycerin 400ml, haemocogulase solution, hydrogen peroxide solution 6%, hydrogen peroxide solution 6.5% w/v 100ml, hydroxyethyl starch 130/46% w/v with sodium chloride0.9%w/v iv infusion, ibuprofen oral suspension 100 mg/5ml, inj diltiazem 5mg/ml, inj pentoxifylline 40mg, inj serenace 5mg, inj. posaconazole 50mg, inj. actrapid 100unit regular insulin, inj. adrenaline 1mg/ml, inj. alamine 200ml, inj. amikacin 1gm, inj. amino acid infusion lamnonephro, inj. amino acid infusion i/v, inj. aminophyline 2ml, inj. aminophylline 25mg/ml, inj. ascorbic acid vitamin-c 1.5gm, inj. ascorbic acid vitamin-c 3gm, inj. atenolol 1mg/ml, inj. avil 25mg, inj. betamethasone sodium phosphate 4 mg/ml, inj. biologicals - mepolizumab 40mg, inj. biologicals - omalizumab 150mg, inj. biphasic isophane insulin injection 30/70, inj. botroclot, inj. botropase, inj. butorphanol 1mg, inj. butorphanol 2mg, inj. calcium gluconate 10ml, inj. capnea, 20mg 1ml, inj. carboplatin 100mg, inj. ciprofloxacin 200 mg/ 100 ml, inj. ciprofloxacin 500mg, inj. cisatracurium 25mg/ml, inj. cisatracurium 2mg/ml, inj. cisplatin 10 mg/10 ml, inj. clonidine 150mg/ 1ml, inj. cytarabine 100 mg/5ml, inj. dexmedetomidine 0.5ml 100mcg, inj. dexmedetomidine 2ml, 200mg, inj. dexona 4mg/ml, inj. dextrose 25%, inj. dextrose 25%, inj. digoxin 1ml, inj. diltiazem 5ml, inj. dytor, inj. ephedrine 30mg, inj. esmolol 10ml, inj. ethamsylate 250 mg/ 2ml, inj. etomidate 30mg, inj. filgrastim 300mcg/ml, inj. fluorouracil 250 mg/ 5ml, inj. fluorouracil 50 mg/ml, inj. fluphenazine deconate, inj. fondaparinux 5mg, 0.4ml, inj. fondaporinux 2.5mg, inj. gadodiamide 0.5 mmol/ml, inj. haemaccel, 500ml, inj. haloperidol 5 mg/ml, inj. haloperidol decanoate 50mg/ml, inj. hextarch 500ml, inj. human anti d immunoglobulin im use 300 mcg, inj. human anti d immunoglobulin 150 mcg, inj. human rabies immunoglobulin 150 iu/ml, inj. hydrocotisone 50mg, inj. hydroxyprogesterone 250 mg/ml, inj. insulin reguler 100iu/ml, inj. isavuconazole, inj. isoxsuprine 5 mg/ml, inj. ivig intravenous immunoglobulin 10g, 100ml, iv, inj. ivig intravenous immunoglobulin 5g, 100ml, iv, inj. kanamycin 0.75gm, inj. kcl 40mg, inj. ketamine 50 mg/ml, inj. lantus inslin long acting, inj. lasix 10mg/ml, inj. levipril 5ml, 500mg, inj. levofloxacin 500mg, inj. lignocaine 4%, inj. lignocaine 4% heavy 2ml, inj. lignocaine and adrenaline 20mg + 1:200, 000, inj. lignocaine and adrenaline 20mg + 1:200, 000, inj. linezolid 600mg, inj. lorazepam 2mg/ml, inj. mannitol with glycerin 10%+10%, inj. mannitol 20%, inj. megnesium sulphate 1gm, 10ml, inj. mephentermine 10ml, inj. mephentin 10ml, inj. mesna 200 mg, inj. methergin 0.2mg, 1ml, inj. metoprolol 1mg/1ml, inj. metronidazole 500 mg/ 100ml, inj. mg sulphate 100mg, inj. mitomycine c 10 mg, inj. naloxone 0.4 mg/ml, inj. neurocetam 200mg, 15ml, inj. nitrocontin, inj. nitroglycerin 5mg, 10ml, inj. ntg 5mg/ml, inj. nurocetam / piracetam 15ml, inj. omalizumab 150mg, inj. oxytocin 5 iu/ml, inj. palonosetron 0.25mg, inj. pantazocin hcl fortwin 25mg, inj. paracetamol 100ml iv infusion, inj. paracetamol 2ml, inj. pentazocine 30 mg/ml, inj. perinorm 5mg, inj. pethidine 100mg/2ml, inj. phenobarbitone 200 mg/ml, inj. phenytoin 50 mg/ml, inj. phenytoin sodium 50mg epsolin, inj. phospholipid 27 mg + surfactant associated proteins176-500 mcg + sp b & sp c with sod chloride +calcium chloride,

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22101315 c-icon09 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconAjmer - Rajasthan Tender For supply of aerosol spray dressing containing povidone iodine 5% 75gms. canister

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :21745321 c-icon09 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconAjmer - Rajasthan Tender For supply of analgesic aerosol spray containing diclofenac diethylammonium atleast 1.16% with menthol 5% with linseed oil 3% and methyl salicylate 10% in atleast 75gm. canister
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