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Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :21105756 c-icon03 Jul, 2021 Tender Value : NA
l-iconSurguja - Chhattisgarh Tender For procurement of spares bush, part no. 625a000003260 shaft seal, part no.eea0005646 suction strainer, part no.625b050000122 seal, part no. 627a00023/003 filter element, part no.eea0003479 relief cartridge, part no.eea0008997 seal kit, part no.eea0015174 pressure reducing valve, part no.611a050000004 track roller assy, part no.1027c050000005 relief valve assy, part no.625b050000064 flight bar & link assy, part no.625b070000252 hydraulic motor, part no.813b000002546 sprocket shaft, part no.625b020000485 track drive gear box, part no.611a050000013 lifetime gasket, part no.eea0004975 hydraulic motor assy lh, part no.611b050000067 hydraulic motor assy rh, part no.611b050000068 shaft seal ring, part no.eea0009364 lift cylinder, part no.611b050000185 roll back cylinder, part no.611b050000184 seal kit, part no.eea0016673 seal kit, part no.eea0016658 hydraulic pump, part no.611b050000091 push cylinder, part no.625b050000159 traction valve, part no.611b050000106 service valve, part no.811b050000165 bush, part no.mbh75/90/80s bush, part no.mbh40/50/60s oil cooler, part no.eed0001170 hydraulic motor, part no.611b050000076 hyd motor, part no.611b050000084 rubber element, part no.eea0006411 tension bracket, part no.615c020000063 track bolt, part no.625a050000138 track shoe nut, part no.625a050000119 halogen reflector lamp 24w/50w, part no.eea0026326 hexagonal nut, nylock, part no.mt10ln bonded seal, part no.sc011/006 bonded seal, part no.sc011/009 bonded seal, part no.sc011/013 bonded seal, part no.sc011/016 bonded seal, part no.sc011/019 bonded seal, part no.sc011/024 bonded seal, part no.sc011/026 bonded seal, part no.sc011/027 seal kit, part no.ea0021002 seal kit, part no.ea0021020 chain 1 pitch, part no.250a050000031 cable reel valve assy., part no.250c050000011 chain wheel, part no.250b060000053 chain wheel, part no.250b060000061 roller, part no.811a050000103 roller, part no.811a050000104 seal kit, part no.eea0020815 tank relief cartridge, part no.613m000001081 for eimco elecon make sdl

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :21104005 c-icon21 Jun, 2021 Tender Value : NA
l-iconSecunderabad - Telangana Tender For procurement of spares part of jcb 3dx model 1994 and bd 80 dozer 130/90030 unloader valve 130/90028 pressure hose 130/05631 hydraulic guage 121/13400 lh lock assembly 121/13500 rh lock assembly 122/67484 gas strut 122/23510 locking handle lh 122/23511 locking handle rh 120/0031 bush 826/00521 lynch pin 730/50310 wiper motor 730/02501 wiper blade 730/90700 side light 730/90800 rear light 730/90007 bulb 12v6w 730/90008 bulb 12v 21 w 730/01001 fuse box 730/1000 fuse box cover 730/01032 ammeter 730/01053 rpm meter 730/01034 engine oil pressure guage 001/00520 water temp guage 730/01035 fuel guage 730/02071 control guage 730/01050 hours meter 730/01058 fwd/rev dump relay harness 730/02068 harness shuttle solenoid 730/01061 panel harness 910/28000 parking brake cable assy 120/72003 gaiter 910/28300 throttle cable 910/24803 level assembly 581/00012 element hydraulic 581/05605 packing ring 648/02509 hose oil cooler 03/301701 master cylinder 130/15106 seal kit lift ran 130/4959 seal kit for bucker ram 130/15109 seal kit for boom ram 130/15109 seal kit for dipper ram 40/300429 hose bend 30/600130 hose bend liner head 4mm 34.088.020 joint 36.008.020 joint 22.010.050 nozzle ..48129010 pipe fuel joint 48.149.100 lub oil supply pipe long pipe flexible ..49441037202 pump hand priming ..2443203001 valve ..2449998709 plunger pump 39030-9 spring brush 9030-1296 brush self 9030-907 tag ppng-1 solenoid switch bush sealing, for cyl head stud ring sealing for push rod tube head gasket 80 334/40832 door tinted glass lower spare parts list of bd - 80 dozer 154-04-12541 hose 070-501001000 light switch 070-507000000 toggle switch 9030-52a field coil set 9030-77 brush gear assy 440-24-503 regulator 9030-44013 starter assy 170-10-17211 bolt universal bolt 175-14-16240 tube 175-14-16230 tube 150-1513510 gasket 04010-00722 key 01040-31275 bolt 154-27-11130 gasket 07012-10085 oil seal fuel pressure guage service kit hydraulic cylinder 154-60-12170 element filter 170-64-16460 hose 154-19-11142 screen filter 150-11-12652 gasket 154-04-12530 strainer 141-04-14140 valve drain 154-04-11180 flange 07050 00000 cape assy 07114-01406 hose 110-61-14250 o ring 39036209 armature 39030-644a brush 07280-08029 clamp 70601001100 head lamp 51z3270407 gasket 30z6230027 tube 30z3280842 seal rear 30z8280121 wire cgr 0103614 grommet 116 tm 40844 body valve 116 tm 72227 gasket 125hs 02009 sight guage cel 2512470 lamp halogen 130 ip 81082 dash lamp 116 cs 02009 cap cfb 5701020 bolt 30z 1200461 turbo pressure cleaner 52 z 8160123 hose 30 z 7130245 tube 30 z 8281061 relay cfs 0131225 screw 116 ec 71217 gasket cfs 0132045 screw

State Government

CTN :21096638 c-icon21 Jun, 2021 Tender Value : NA
l-iconGanderbal - Jammu And Kashmir Tender For supply of dietary and non dietary items- rice per kg. basmati rice per kg. nutri per kg. haldi powder per kg. chilli powder per kg. kashmiri tea per kg. lipton tea per kg. edible oil per kg. ghee per kg. suji granular packet per kg. sugar per kg. eggs per dozen salt per kg. milk per ltr. mutton sheep per kg. curd per kg. kashmiri rooti chicken alive boiler per kg. chicken meat milk powder per kg. fish per kg. flour per kg. lpg cylinders fire wood per qtl. channa dal per kg. moongi dal per kg. rajmash per kg. mixed dal per kg. kashmiri saag per kg. kadam saag per kg. palak per kg. nadroo per kg. potato per kg. tomato per kg. beans per kg. cauliflower per kg. cabbage per kg. onion per kg. lady finger cucumber garlic radish carrot peas brinjal pumpkin banana per dozen mango large per kg. apple different verities per kg. water melon per kg. pomegranate per kg. melon per kg. pear different verities per kg. orange per dozen grapes per kg. kobli channa per kg. cornflakes per kg. butter per kg. jam per kg. badyana powder per kg. dalchini per kg. ginger powder per kg. black pepper kali mirchi per kg. meethi per pack of 50 gms. meat masala per pack of 50 gms. bakery per kg. cake dates per kg. dry note books long register single line 256 pages note books small size single line 240 pages note books four line small size 240 pages ball pens sharpeners colour box crayons eraser’s geometry box school bags waterproof plastic metal push pins for notice board per box pencil natraj writing board big size 2ft by 4ft stapler kangaro hd 45 stock register medium size 120 pages attendance register for inmates big size 24 pages note book cover sheets coloured tape roll white fevi stick big size painting sheets big size coloured hanging informative/topographical/decorational charts big size size 2 ft by 4 ft marker board per sq. ft. notice board per sq. ft. plastic file covers/assignment covers transparent diaries medium size mattress with cover single bed mattress with cover double bed quilts with cover single bed bed covers double bed bed sheets single bed pillows dunlop type pillow covers blankets single bed shital uniform cloth for pent per mtr. uniform cloth for shirt per mtr. sweaters woolen school type thermocot standard quality night dress school socks under shirts under wear school shoes nylon chappals stitching charges per pent shirt stitching charges of shalwar kameez stitching charges of pheran track suits standard quality jackets for winter pharan cloth pattoo per mtr. flooring carpet type per sq. ft. thermocool 12 mm per sq. mtr. flooring blankets per sq. mtr. curtains 7ft x 5ft towels big size steel beds double decker sports shoes standard quality bathing soap large bar 100gm washing soap rin 150 gm. toilet soap dettol 75 gm. surf excel powder per kg. tooth paste 26 gms. tooth brush bartan soap vim bar 150 gm. stainless scrubber big size phenyl per ltr. toilet cleaner floor cleaner bathroom refresher’s room spray big brooms wiper big size vaseline 40 gms. gas lighter spoons very large size veg./tea/rice pan non-sticky big size microwave oven 27l freezer big size knives medium size washing machine 10 kg exhaust fan big size iron inverter exide 1100 wt. battery exide 20000 ss combine 16 amp switch & socket wire 7/18 90 mtr. length wire 1.5 mm havells nail cutter combs big size hair oil big size locker small size 52 inch height 26 gage godrej brand locker big size 52 inch height 26 gage godrej brand pressure cooker 15 ltr.’s capacity cups with saucer 6 pc set flask 50 cups capacity glass set 6 pcs. borosil electric led bulbs 9 watt. flood lights 12 w wall fans winter dress cloth per metre cashmilon cloth pateela aluminium per kg. shoe brush lcd television 32 inches glycerine 250 ml. handkerchiefs calculator big size digital weighting machine rice cooker big size 4.6 ltr.’s heating gas bukhari two in one water tank 500 ltrs shoe polish screw driver set plass spade shoes plastic locks big size link brand torch big size gas pipe per metre plastic pipe per kg. stabilizer big 05 kv dust bins with top big size regulator un-reduced pressure type mirror big size spoons small size for eating purpose lunch box medium size spice containers medium size unbreakable plastic gas bathi double sided flowers for decoration plastic flower pots big size plastic doormat sanitizer 150 ml hand wash 150ml face masks n95 hand gloves surgical soap case shampoo pouches face cream vacum cleaner 2000 watts. inverter trolly unbreakable generator 1000 watts. grass cutter machine standard quality curtain pipes steel 15ft length curtain hinges standard quality plastic cupboard unbreakable samruddhi iron light weight standard quality refrigerator big size 250 ltr. capacity buckets unbreakable samruddhi 20 ltr. capacity plastic mugs unbreakable samruddhi steel plates standard quality steel glasses standard quality borosil thermo steel flask 01 ltr. capacity kitchen knives 6 piece set with wooden block stainless steel and abs plastic manual non electric blender mixer mens chef coat with chef cap electric kettle 1.5 ltr. electric food chopper 300 w 4 layer stainless steel modern kitchen organiser utensils rack with plate & cutlery stand steel cutlery set 25 pieces with hanging stand plastic washing bowl & strainer for rice pulses fruite veggies etc. wood cutting chopping board for kitchen veggies, fruits vegetable & fruit chipser with 11 blades + 1 peeler, vegetable chopper, veg slicer, fruit cutter, fruit slicer stainless steel kitchen peeler plastic jug standard quality ac lg 1.5 ton hot & cold symphony touch 55 room air cooler 55 litres with double blower 4 side cooling pads laptop desktop ups mouse keyboard computer table standard quality power extension 06 way pen drive 128 gb data usb cable cartridge for printer hp mfp m180n black & colour cartridge for printer hp deskjet ink advantage 2135 series pencil cells/battries for clocks door bell remote type cricket bat standard quality cricket balls cosco vicky brand volley ball standard quality foot ball standard quality hand ball standard quality volley ball net standard quality carrom board standard quality carrom coins standard quality rickets standard quality shuttle cock standard quality chess board standard quality wickets standard quality


CTN :21087506 c-icon24 Jun, 2021 Tender Value : NA
l-iconBanda - Uttar Pradesh Tender For job work maintenance of buses for regional workshop saharanpur engine change engine ring work engine reconditioning f.i.p reconditioning injector r.c work per set f.i.p & injector opening & fitting euro-2, 3 radiator change a.c unit change turbo charger change turbo charger r.c work radiator opening, cleaning & stop leakage cleaning inter cooler & stop leakage engine oil change engine for auction bus clutch plate & pressure plate change 330 dia clutch plate r.c 352 dia clutch plate r.c 330 dia pressure plate r.c 352 dia pressure plate r.c gb-60 gear box r.c gb-40 gear box r.c gb-60 gear box mounting & dismounting gb-40 gear box mounting & dismounting gear box oil change gear box for auction bus change rear axle/ front axle per king pin change per spring assembly r.c work crown cage change crown cage r.c work all wheel gressing, all filter & oil change of complete bus wheel over haul front / rear per front axle r.c work rear axle r.c work rear axle for auction bus front axle for auction bus rear axle oil change steering assembly r.c work steering assembly change vane pump change vane pump r.c work steering assembly for auction bus self starter r.c work alternator r.c work battery topping & maintenance wiper machine r.c work fitting of wiper machine and blade sodium light r.c work sodium light fitting and removel complete bus wiring complete bus light fitting room wiring per point store truck battery unload and loading per replacing electric unit of diesel filter after cleaning per front show making after cutting and welding angle front show making from sheet rear show making with angle and sheet work side piller making work per piller sheet work of conductor/ driver side per side driver/ conductor/ emergency gate making per gate head cover of rexine making per back rest and seat of rexine making per complete bus painting complete bus writing store truck new tyre unloading and stamping per store truck barrel unloading per front glass fitting per rear glass fitting per window glass fitting per front/ rear bumper work per cement filling and building rubber belt for retreading per tyre tyre buffing for retreading per tyre chamber loading work and unloading per tyre checking tyre in retreading per tyre tyre cut repair and patching work per tyre
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