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Air Circuit Breaker Scrap Tenders

Get complete information related to latest Air Circuit Breaker Scrap Tenders . from India at Classic Tenders. Search the best available tenders from Indian government tenders, domestic Air Circuit Breaker Scrap Tenders , private tenders, online tenders, tender invitation notice, business tender notices, online tenders and bidding Air Circuit Breaker Scrap Tenders.

Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government And Public Sector

CTN :22240309 c-icon12 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconAurangabad - Bihar Tender For procurement of 220 v dc charger spares - ac voltmeter, ammeter, dc voltmeter, ammeter, filter capacitor, control transformer, bc:caldyne:220v-100a:dc choke, dc pwr.sply.for idsr: idsr-dcps01;chlord, integrated dc sensing module; caldyne, annunciation relay module: ann01;chlorid, electronic scr controller pcb; caldyne, scr control module: avr/acr01; chloride, gflc card - static, card no-135; caldyne, over current relay module-static; caldyn, current limit relay module-static;caldyn, 3ph doubl wound, control xymr, sec.line surge suppressor; caldyne, snubber network card:, shunt - 300a/75mv, semiconductor fuse link gs 1000/150a, diode:blocking diode:800v, 300a, bc:caldyne:220v-100a:thyristor, float/boost selector switch, offload changeover s/w 4p, 6a, 440v ac, 10a toggle switch, 3 p on off ac i/p switch, 125a, change over switch: dc, 100a, 4 pole, bleeder resistance 1k/50w, ac supply fail relay modul, potentiometer wirewound-, aux.relay: 110/125v dc, pla, 3 c/o contact, 3 pole, 415 volt power contactor ac-3, rectifier fuse fail indicator, dcps card for chp npgcl

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22221905 c-icon29 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconKolkata - West Bengal Tender For supply of elemotor 4kw mh71100113 3ph spring washer 12mm* ms washer 12.0 mm * brake assy lh 29020148/194 brake assy rh 29020149/195 wc assy lh and rh #64675311 cbl hand brake assly gx 2-3t-l emer disconnect s/w bdi + hr meter 36/48v g1 and 2te ignition switch sw102az 02026862 f and r switch 1t/2t e toggle switch 6amp ra1 5011 push btn sw nimtd 12vdc 5a std head light assembly - hilux tail light 2te - l 36v/48v horn roots coimbatore contactor sw 80 - 36 v cont main fuse 355asiba900.5805.325 control ckt fuse 10a control ckt fuse holder diode fwd and rev contact 14 way terminal strip curtis pedal - accel 2-3t - l gx acc-potbox-floor mtg-curtis bty conn sb 350 6320g1 gx2 3te bat cable assybty endgx2/3te grboxpa gk26ld 0634 100 292 o grboxpa gk-26ld 0501.323.165 grboxpa gk26ld 0634 303 996 o grboxpa gk-26ld 4699.305.046 hex bolt ht gr.8.8 m12 50mm brake shoe and lining kit shoe 61069492 control wirng hranes

Corporations And Associations And Others

CTN :22210748 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 4.00 Lacs
l-iconGurgaon - Haryana Tender For supply of mig welding spare parts - welding torch 300a, 3m, swan neck 36 style, nozzle 36 style, tip holder 36 style, diffuser 36 style, contact tip 36 style 1.2mm, liner 0.8/1.2mm-300 amps. torch, control pcb, spool holder, amature for motor, carbon brush, carbon brush holder, carbon brush cap, roller 0.8/1.2, gear wheel top, gear wheel bottom, top roller assembly with bracket, wire feeder motor with gear assly., wire guide, euro wire guide, connector male 4 pin, connector male 2 pin, fuse holder, glass fuse 4a, push button, toggle switch, potentio meter, wire feed control transformer, power contractor of 300 amps machine, rotary switch of amps machine, forward diode 300 amps machine, reserve diode-300amps machine, welding transformer of 300 amps, choke of 300 amps machine, control transformer, connector male 4 pin, connector male 3 pin, fuse holder, glass fuse 4a, push button, solenoid valve, power contractor, rotary switch, forward diode, reserve diode, welding transformer of 400 amps, choke, of l and t make

State Government

CTN :22176385 c-icon15 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconRajkot - Gujarat Tender For supply of various electrical goods – copper belt, male female contact, black cotton tape roll and egg insulator, do fuse elements

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :21873523 c-icon28 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconMumbai - Maharashtra Tender For supply of spares of switch board and distribution panel, propulsion motors, dc motors and convertors-knob, fuse link, switch selector, voltmeter, adaptor screw, tripping latch, , air cooler, front plate, fuse base, carbon brush, push button lighted, relay, main contact complete, , switch pacco, electronic time delay relay, diode, ring sealing half
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