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Air Conditioner Bracket Tenders

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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government And Public Sector

CTN :22254157 c-icon17 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconNew Delhi - Delhi Tender For supply of taking out unserviceable/damaged gi copper stnps, m &l for copper strip 20 x 3 mm for earth continuity conductor, material and labour for but 32x6mm galvanised iron strip, material and labour in replacement of test point terminal block k made of gun metal, m&l in replacement of pvc insulated multistarnded single core copper conductor 25 sqmm, supply & laying in replacement of gl pipe medium grade 15 mm dia, s&f in replacement of bib taps, cast copper alloy with crutch o r butterfly handle, , material & labour and testing of electrically conductive material earthing for achieving earth resis, m&l for improvement to existing earthing by excavation and charging from water, m & l for earthing complete with copper earth plate electric 60 cm x 60 cm* 3.15mm, m& l for earthing in replacement of with galvanized mild steel earth plate electrode 60cm x 60cm x 6, m & l for gi pipe medium grade 40 mm dia, m&l for pcc 1: 3: 6 type cl using 20 mm graded stone aggregate

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22240177 c-icon10 Nov, 2021 2.00 Crore
l-iconJodhpur - Rajasthan Tender For supply of lab reagents and equipments - hb pipette, hb tube square, hb tube round, wbc pipette, rbc pipette, glass slides 1x50 per box, cover slip, micro pipette varriable 50 to 100, esr disposable tubes, test tube stand for 50 test tube small metal, tissue paper roll, pregnancy card, capillary tubes, n/10 hcl, uristik albumine & sugar per box, vdrl test strip kit, hiv test card, hiv ivth generation test card, widal test kit agglutitaion method, sulphur powder 100gm, serum total protein reagent, blood glucose reagent semi auto, blood urea reagent semi auto, bilibruine ragent semi auto, creatitine reagent semi auto, sgot reagent semi auto, sgpt reagent semi auto, serum uric acid semi auto, serum albumine semi auto, blood chlostrol semi auto, blood triglyceriode semi auto, blood crp test 100 test, blood ra 100 test, wbc fluid bottle 500ml, distill water 5ltr., giemsa stain 500 ml bottle, disp. pricker standard, sodidium citrate powder/ solution, dropper 10ml, blood collection tube vacationer k2 edta, cbc roll, liesmens stain kit, ecg roll, beaker glass, hcv kit 1 kit, tourniquet, hbsag card test 0.1iu/mi sensitivity, mp test cardantigen, iodine liquid for bilepigmentv500 ml, gulcometer, gulcose test strips, gulcometer with strips 50 strips in pkt, digital thermometer isi, xray-film size 12x15 1 pkt 50 pec. blue/green, xray-film size 12x12 1 pkt 50 pec. blue/green, xray-film size 12x10 1 pkt 50 pec. blue/green, xray-film size 10x08 1 pkt 50 pec. blue/green, developer 22.05 lit powder, fixer 22.5 lit powder, needdle syringe destroyer electric, pricking needle, covid-19 ag card test, j.s.b. stain ist, j.s.b. stain iind, hiv/syphilis duo test strip, glass beakar 100ml, tincher iodine, s alk . phosp kit, blood group anti a, b, d, s.hdl direct, ldl direct, dengue rapid card, liquid peraffin oil 1x500 ml, swelab lumi-d diluent, swelab lumi-l1 lyse, swelab lumi-l2 lyse, swelab boule easy cleaner, abx diluent, abx lyse, abx cleaner, abx minoclair, qdx instacheck tsh wb, qdx instacheck pct 10 t, qdx instacheck hscrp all in one, qdx instacheck lh, qdx instacheck beta-hcg, qdx instacheck microalbumin, qdx instacheck prolactin, qdx instacheck ferritin, qdx instacheck fsh, qdx instacheck tro, ponin i qdx instacheck t3, qdx instacheck t4, qdx instacheck vit d, qdx instacheck hba1c, qdx instacheck d-dimer, poc clinical chemistry analyzer with electrolytes, 5 part hematology analyzer, 3 part hematology analyzer, 3 part hematology analyzer pediatric & adult both use, zipper bag small, vtm kit, blood bag .

Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :22164741 c-icon04 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconVadodara - Gujarat Tender For supply of copper metal strip, silver strip for silver corrosion test

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22120942 c-icon08 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconGadwal - Telangana Tender For supply of carbon sliding strip sk 85 cu, part no.-sk-1590 for maintenance for pantograph of m/s. shunk metal & carbon india pvt.ltd. make for 3 phase locos.

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22045043 c-icon01 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconMulti Location - Multi State Tender For supply of book ruled 2qr, specification: size-21 cms x 29.7 cms. trimmed . no. of leaves:-100 leaves each excluding pasted leaves. paper: map litho of 60 gsm as per is no. 1848/1991. ruling :- 1one point ruling to be done width wise 21cm. the gap between the ruling should be 2two ems margin should be 3three cms. from the top edge and 1.5 cms. from the bottom edge binding:board flush, superior quality binding cloth in conform to is 10582-1983 on spine, section sewn thread stitched at 2 places of 9 cm in length two cloth strip pasted on the straw board of 24 oz. as per drg.no. cover: green coloured printing paper of thickness specn: c south eastern railway:- 18 point in size. the distance between the bottom edge of the paper and bottom line of the above text should be 65 mm. d nomenclature- : book ruled -2 qr:- 12 point in inked metal tipped ball point pen use & throw type. brand-agni icy gel, linc sky gel, sulekha. length-13 cm and inked length not less than 11 cm excluding metal tip/point s.e.railway will be embossed on the body.guarantee certification for one year from the date of supply should be provided. material more than two months old will not be accepted. packing- ten pens one polypack. ten polypacks in one carton box. consignee name to be read as amm/pts & sty/kgp. med/c-1 clinical chart size: a-4 30.5 cmsx21.5 cms plus/minus 0.5 cms, landscape. 2. unit: 1 leaves loose.3. numbering: nil. 4. printing : one side in blank ink. 5. text:bilingual hindi & english6. paper: 70 gsm white maplitho paper. 7. cover paper: nil. 8. binding: loose. 9. packing: packing to be made 100 nos.one hundred in each bundile.10. proof: it should be approved by consignee before final printing. consignee name to be read as amm/ pts & sty/kgp.
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