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Air Cooling Machine Tenders

Get complete information related to latest Air Cooling Machine Tenders . from India at Classic Tenders. Search the best available tenders from Indian government tenders, domestic Air Cooling Machine Tenders , private tenders, online tenders, tender invitation notice, business tender notices, online tenders and bidding Air Cooling Machine Tenders.

Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22251031 c-icon16 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconBhopal - Madhya Pradesh Tender For supply of cylinder liner. part no 4371769 piston & ring set. part no kit3880662 bearing, connecting rod part no 205840 manifold fuel part no 3081877 connection fuel block part no 3229083 cap screw part no 3001811 cap screw part no 118226 washer plain part no 127018 valve exhaust part no 3088389 guide valve stem part no 3201311 insert valve seat inletpart no 3086192 insert valve exhaustpart no 3068193 seal, oilaccpart no 3016791 water pump part no 4950317 shaft water pump part no 3025885 seal, oil pump part no 3628895 seal, oil front part no 3016787 seal, oil rear part no 3005887 screw, slotted set part no 168306 nut, regular hexagon part no s 212 push rod part no 3057139 push rod part no 3017961 thermostat part no 135675 sleeve wear part no 3006237 engine upper gasket set part no 4072233 engine lower gasket setpart no 4072229 nrv fuel supply & returned head reconditioning charges pt pump injector calibration charges after cooler reconditioning oil cooler reconditioning labour charges

Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :22256428 c-icon16 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconSecunderabad - Telangana Tender For supply of filter panel for oil cooler ventilation as per clw drg.no.1209-11.235-132 alt.3.

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22248728 c-icon29 Oct, 2021 2.95 Lacs
l-iconPathankot - Punjab Tender For supply of spares - clutch disc assy dia 395, clutch release bearing, clutch cover assy dia 395, pilot bearing, oil seal fly wheel eng, ring gear, upper gasket kit single cyl, screw hex flange head, piston, pin piston, lock valve, valve seal, con rod brg set size 0.25mm, set of piston rings, circlip piston, tube water outlet, gasket exhaust manifold, ring compression, o ring, gasket intake manifold, valve exhaust, valve intake, oil seal crank shaft front, hose oil return turbo charger, clamp spring, oil filter spin on, assy oil cooler, oil pump, screw hex flange, drain plug engine oil sump, water pump assy, o ring, thermostat, o ring ., kit minor overhaul/f 6 cyl single, shim liner, liner dia 105, set of thrust washer assy, set main brg size 0.25mm, tube fuel return, fuel filter, hose water outlet compressor, hose water inlet, clamp spring, o ring, o ring dia 120, switch oil pressure, water temp switch, sensor coolant temp, v belt, gasket oil cooler head block, gasket eng oil sump, gasket gear case, gasket front cover, gasket valve cover for mahindra engine

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22238138 c-icon29 Oct, 2021 NA
l-iconVisakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh Tender For supply of gears and spares - pembril, shrink disc, complete equipment, pump assembly, oil cooler, fluid coupling, gear box complete assy., gb-greaves, hold back premium, shaft, stage wheel, pinion shaft, comp equipment, bevel input pin.shaft, pinion shaft, stage wheel, final pinion shaft, gear box output wheel, output shaft, oil seal, gear case, oil pump, helical pinion, input shaft, helical wheel, oil seal input shaft, impeller oil port plate, cylindrical pin-casing, cyl pin-input shaft, sockt h/scrw-input shft, bolt run/shaft, plate, rotation arrow, max static plate, running plate, cupped washer, mdu coupling non rc at various ntpc projects

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22240995 c-icon02 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconJhansi - Uttar Pradesh Tender For supply of cooler for oil free compressor model no. vv270-t to m/s knorr bremse india pvt. ltd. part no.- .

Corporations And Associations And Others

CTN :22228467 c-icon08 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconPatiala - Punjab Tender For auction sale of scarp material/ un-servicable machinery - glass scrap broken bottle, plastice tray & crate, polythene & milk pouch scrap, s.m.p empty bag, corrugated scarp gatta, iron /tin scrap, plastie scrap, plastic jerry can cap. 35/50 ltr., plastic drum cap. 200 ltr., g.i drum cap. 200 ltr., milk can alluminium, milk can lid alluminium, milk can steel, milk can lid steel, mix scrap steel s.s, mix g.i scrap tin patti, mix c.i scrap, copper wire mix burned, ball bearing, tyre 1000-20, tyre 8.25-16, tube & flaper, a.i container, freezer 400 ltr., freezer 200 ltr., freezer 50 ltr. small size, voltas water cooler cap. 50 ltr., air compresser 7x5 without motor, ammonia compresser kc-3 60 tr without motor make - kiloskar, compresser for freezer, electrical motor 100 hp, electrical motor 30 hp, electrical spare parts, electronics spare partrs, computer parts, compresser oil & transformer oil

State Government

CTN :22230513 c-icon28 Oct, 2021 2.10 Crore
l-iconGhaziabad - Uttar Pradesh Tender For providing of tant, furniture, catring and other material - carpet/matting u type gate chair plastic vip chair main stage stage chants/cultural events sofa center table table - table cover - border takhat padding2 ft x 2 ft with cover control room sound system including cardless mic clay pot havan kund clay bowl earthen pot jaimala flex/sign board/back drop mango wood still photographer/video photographer drone camera generator solid brick sand patka/dupatta yellow for bride chunari lal sindhora may sindoor for bride single rose bouquet lamp stand band 20 per man shehnai player drummer drum for water walkie changing room beautician room my beautician open flower mango leaf worship material for marriage fdv paan, betel nut, fruit, kanda, banana leaf, havan material, john, black sesame, rice oil, light, coconut, camphor, desi ghee, match, led. screen with power supply cultural program 1 full group pandit / maulvi / gnani / pastor asan pandit ji vaaste media stage & print media gallery cooler material for respect for vvip teen boundary near kitchen plasma tv sehra/turban palanquin python garland food arrangement - paneer vegetable, rice / pulao, dalvjgj, mix vegetables potato, cabbage, peas etc., chole puri, naan, gulab jamun / semolina halwa, boondi raita etc. breakfast tea, bread pakora arrangement for 35000 logos disposable cups-plates-napkins-bowls etc. 20 liter water ro jar with dispenser service waiter / service staff at 3000 girls samuhik vivah

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22220710 c-icon30 Oct, 2021 5.40 Lacs
l-iconChandrapur - Maharashtra Tender For supply of head, fuel filter, service kit, gasket connector oc inlet, coupling nut, coupling flange, coupling disc, coupling block, tube, case-oil level sensor, bracket level sensor mounting, pipe-lo pump suction, bracket -lo pump mtg, bushing, key shaft acc drive rear, coupling fip yoke, o ring nozzle holder, gasket nozzle holder, gasket, bracket, nut, support front, connector-after cooler inlet, connector- after cooler vent, spring, oil pump, adapter oil pressure, clamp, hose vent line.

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22221938 c-icon12 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconJamalpur - Bihar Tender For supply of oil - air - cooler 2.7811., make:- l & r or funke, or slb gmbh mdc id:- 82614740, st. code:-

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :22220726 c-icon08 Nov, 2021 NA
l-iconJaduguda - Jharkhand Tender For supply of spares - tube bundle asslyafter cooler, oil cooler assly, element rubber, oil filter asssly, for kirloskar compressor
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