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Pakur Tenders

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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value


CTN :26235354 Due date: 13 Dec, 202213 Dec, 2022 1.50 Crore
Tender For residual work of ls quarter block 2 at pakur police line

State Government

CTN :26235670 Due date: 08 Dec, 202208 Dec, 2022 NA
Tender For consultancy services for preparation of dpr for widening and strengthening and reconst. of a pakur barharwa rcd road to pali gagan pahadi west bangal border b vikarampur to mharo kotal c koyalamore pwd road to chota mohanpur

State Government

CTN :26208700 Due date: 05 Dec, 202205 Dec, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of various equipments -refrigerator, bacteriological incubator, laminar air flow chamber, autoclave, hot plate with magnetic stirrer, digital colony counter, three place membrane filtration assembly, vortex machine, micropipette, media and chemicals -m-endo agar lesm1106-500g, m-fc agar base m1122-500g, agar agar, type i, grm666-500g, sodium thiosulphate hypo, 200g, ethanol, 500m, escherichia coli, measuring cylinder, volumetric flask, pipette, conical flask with screw cap, beaker griffin low form, with spout, reagent bottle graduated with screw cap and pouring ring, trays with small holes at bottom etc for divisional lab

State Government

CTN :26191587 Due date: 05 Dec, 202205 Dec, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of led driver 30 watt, led driver 90 watt, led pcb 30 watt, led pcb 90 watt

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :26155210 Due date: 03 Dec, 202203 Dec, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of shorts and jersey for football players, stud shoes for football players, socks for football players, shin guards for football players, goalkeeper gloves
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