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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

State Government

CTN :25709248 Due date: 14 Oct, 202214 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of analysis kit etc, analysis equipments


CTN :25706183 Due date: 19 Oct, 202219 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For procurement of machineries, tools, equipments, furniture -analytical balance, ph meter, kjeldhal nitrogen estimation apparatus, oven, water bath, soxhlet extractor, muffle furnace, gas chromatography with mass spectrometry detectorgc-ms, uv-visible spectrophotometer, fourier transformation infrared spectrometer with attenuated total reflectorftir-atr, gas chromatography with electron capture detector gc- ecd, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, triple quadrupole liquid chromatography mass spectrometerlc-msms high performance liquid chromatography with photodiode array detector hplc-pda, leather shrinkage tester, flexometer, penetrometer, water absorption tester, cutting machine, buffing machine, drilling press machine, heat activator, universal testing machine, moisture balance, shaking water bath, steam distillation, hot plates, rota vapour, water circulator- chiller, ultrasonicator, hot plate with stirrer, fume hood, horizontal shaker, orbital shaker, centrifuge, humidity chamber, offline spe chamber, laboratory type-i water purifier, laboratory type-ii water purifier, ion chromatography ic, leather grinding mill, standard flask 10 ml, standard flask 25 ml, standard flask 50 ml, standard flask 100 ml, standard flask 250 ml, standard flask 500 ml, standard flask 1000 ml, air compressor, nitrogen generator, helium cylinder with regulators, argon cylinder with regulators, zero air cylinder with regulators, nitrogen cylinder with regulators, table, split ac 2.0 ton capacity, precision air condition, 80kva ups, 40kva ups, paper shredder, remnant sample storage room, eye wash, safety shower, first aid box, spill kit, gloves, face shield, yellow bin, white canister 5 litre, blue bin, white round container, yellow bin with biohazard symbol, cyan bin, gunny bag

State Government

CTN :25697487 Due date: 17 Oct, 202217 Oct, 2022 8.00 Crore
Tender For supply of business intelligence tool with resources - bi tool or analytical server, application development, amc for software, security of the software applications, change request of additional requirement post implementation

State Government

CTN :25699017 Due date: 12 Oct, 202212 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of arterial blood gas analyzer, blood gas analyser

State Government

CTN :25691083 Due date: 21 Oct, 202221 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of fabricated horizontal electrophoresis system , vortex mixer , fume hood , distilled water plant double distillation , serological water bath with water cutoff , laboratory vertical autoclave double or triple walled autoclave semi automatic , binocular microscope , upright fluorescent microscope with camera , incubator , trinocular microscope with bright field dark field phase contrast andfitc dapi filterwith camera , plate reading elisa reader and washer , hot air oven , veterinary hematology analyzer , bio-safety cabinet benchtopbio safety cabinet 4 fit by 4 fit

State Government

CTN :25691462 Due date: 19 Oct, 202219 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of medical equipment product - hot air oven, hot plate for flattening sections, stretcher, trolley stretcher, baby weighing machine, balance for weighing food stuff, bp apparatus, centrifuge clinical, horoscope, clinical thermometer, 0020craft water testing kit/microprocessor water and soil analysis kit, gluco meter, first aid kit, haemo globino meter, height measuring stand, herpeders calipers, horrocks water testing kit, mosquito catching kit, muac tape, needle shredder, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, public address system, refrigerator, salter s baby weighing machine, sound level meter, stethoscope, vaccine carrier short range, water sampling bottle, weighing machine adult, anthropometric set, balance chemical, balance sigle pair for weighing fetus, brain knife, centrifuge, digital b.p apparatus, digital ph meter, distillation plant, external hard disk, hacksaw, hand set heat sealer, hot plates, refrigerator, rib shers, right and left, slide warming table, dslr camera with accessories, spectroscope lens with adjustable slit, steel tape roll, stethoscopes, stopwatch, vanier calipers, video camera, teevision and vodeo cassette recorder, weighing machine for organs 002cweuighing machine for weighing dead bodies, x-ray view box one in four, autoclave, laboratory refrigerators, aluminum slide trays, balance chemical, bp apparatus, distilled water plant, rotary microtome, slide storing cabinet, steel slide racks for staining, water bath, wooden/plastic slide boxes, digital sphygmomanometer, manikins, stop watch.

State Government

CTN :25690836 Due date: 10 Oct, 202210 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of analysis kit etc, analysis equipment

State Government

CTN :25682467 Due date: 21 Oct, 202221 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of lcd display interface pcr machine semi quantitative, real time pcr detection system, gel documentation system with ccd camera, bio spectrometer with micro-cuvette, scientific refrigerated centrifuge with lcd display, refrigerated micro centrifuge with lcd display, single channel variable pipette 0.5 to 10l, pipette research plus volume 2 to 20l, single channel variable pipette 0.1 to 2.5l, single channel variable pipette 10 to 100l, single channel variable pipette 100 to1000l blue, deep freezer minus 40 degree c 300l, digital ph meter, automatic cryo microtome, rotary microtome with soft touch screen display, tissue floatation bath, thermomixerwithblock for microplates and deepwell plates, including lid, minus 86 degree deep freezer, bod incubator, ice flaking machine, semi automatic biochemistry analyzer, fully automated biochemistry analyzer, co2 incubator portable, 8 channel variable pipette incl. ept.i.p.s.box, 10 to100l yellow, single channel variable pipette 1000 to 10000 l

Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :25677800 Due date: 13 Oct, 202213 Oct, 2022 8.35 Lacs
Tender For custom bid for services - agency for wear particle analysis of lube oil of rotary equipments at mathura refinery arc

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :25678782 Due date: 10 Oct, 202210 Oct, 2022 NA
Tender For supply of laboratory reagents, albumin kit bcg , alkaline phosphatase kit alp , aso test , amylase kit , antihcv cassets , bilirubin kit t and d , blood grouping sera anti a 10ml , blood grouping sera anti b 10ml , blood grouping sera anti d in 10m , calcium kit , cholesterol kit , creatinine kit , c reactive protein kit crp kit , c.p.k. kit , c.p.k. mb kit , e.s.r. pipatte disposable with rubber cap , glucose god pap kit , hbvs ag austraio antigen test , hdl. cholesterol kit direct , hiv test , ketodiastix strips , uristix strips , l.d.h. kit , multistix strip , phosphrous kit , prothrombin time kit , ra test , ast sgot kit , alt sgpt kit , total proteins kit biuret , triglycerides kit , troponin - t kit , urea kit bun , uric acid kit , urine pregency test , vdrl -test , dengucheck kit , multicalibrator fully auto analyser , acetone , chemistry control level-i -normal , chemistry control level-ii -raised , distilled water - for lab 5 ltr can , fuchest reagents , field stain-a , field stain-b , gram s iodine , methylene blue , safranine 0.5 percent , sulphuric acid 5 percent , sterile specimen container - 20 ml , vacutainer e.d.t.a. , vacutainer-na citrate , vacutainer-na fluoride , cell clean 50 ml susmexpoch- 100i , xylene , microscopic slides 75mm x 25mm x 1.30 , malaria card p f p v , hba 1c test cartridges glycoslyted hb , vacutainer gel serum 4 ml 3 mm x 75 mm , c.r.p. turbilatex c calibrator kit , lugol s iodine , leptocheck kit casettes , occult blood sachest test , widal antigen test igg igm , sodium electrode easylyte machine s , potasium electrode easylyte machine s , chloride electrode easylyte machine sen , g.g.t.p. kit , carbol fuchsin , normal saline laboratory
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